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VOLLDAMPF VORAUS – Axel Obiger | 29.10.-26.11.2022

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The German-Finnish artist group finnfemfel, together with writer and curator Mika Hannula, Berlin, as guest, pick up the trail of the last exhibition ZURÜCKBLEIBEN (2018) at Axel Obiger and take off together into outer space: the last frontier.

Image above: Ego All in One

With a new space-specific installation consisting of various media and interactive elements, developed out of chance, error and planning, finnfemfel and Hannula, as well as many other people in this world, have their sights set on self-realisation, igniting the next stage: FURTHER – VOLLDAMPF FORWARD [far – higher – richest].

Finnfemfel, born in 1998, is a German-Finnish artist group consisting of Albert Braun, Marcus Lerviks and Oskar Lindström. Ideas are developed, organised and finally realised together and often with invited guests. The starting point and source of all activities is everyday life. The field of tension of the artistic work moves between reality, fiction, simulation and the narrative. Humour and the grotesque are essential components. Despite different individual approaches and places of residence, the end result is always a collective one, 3 persons – 1 work!


29. October until 26. November 2022


Axel Obiger
Brunnenstraße 29
10119 Berlin

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