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SCOTTY shows group exhibition VOLARE – 09.10.-13.11.2021

Editors’ Choice

© Lacy Barry: “Pillar”, Cardboard frame and paper, about 100 x 25 cm

The project space SCOTTY, located in Kreuzberg’s smallest house, invites you to the exhibition VOLARE from 9 October 2021. Works by six artists from the USA, Canada and Germany will be shown: Carl Baratta, Lacy Barry, Beatrice Jugert, Jasmine Justice, Kerstin Serz and Volker Tiemann. The exhibition is curated by Bettina Weiß.

The exhibiting artists work on the border to abstraction, each in their own way and form of realisation. On the one hand, they play with an idea of tradition or romanticism, on the other a form of dissolution. Something surreal pops up at times.

The works reflect a kind of liberation from conditions, which is presented in a way that transcends media and expands them.
The aspect of flying in the sense of movement is integrated into the works in a special way. Volare – Italian for “to fly”. An active, even floating state that suggests lightness, airiness and freedom. On the way from here to there, from one time or form to another.

Transitions in and from states, positions or materials used are the theme here: Volare.


SCOTTY, Oranienstraße 46, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Friday, 8 October 2021, from 7:00 pm


Saturday, 9 October – Saturday, 13 November 2021

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