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The GÜTERMARKT Moabit from ZK/U is merging with the KO-MARKT at the Haus der Statistik to form the GÜTERMARX and is getting a new look. On 25 September 2021 from 2 to 8 p.m., everyone can become a co-actor and actively participate in climate-friendly resource use and sufficiency activism, exchange, sell or transform unused things and be inspired in many ways – with actions, workshops and music, with innovations and lived visions of the future.

On Saturday 25 September, you can become a co-actor of the KO Market! Book your free market stall for the flea market, find new lovers for your treasures that are too good to throw away; show others your D.I.Y. and upcycling projects, take part in interesting workshops or simply come along as a stroller and visitor. As a neighbourhood market, KO-MARX brings together local craftspeople, DIY maniacs and junk sellers to turn old dust catchers into coveted one-offs.

The Programme


Objective Dialogues (ZK/U)   14–19 Uhr

Baufachfrauen / Stool building workshop 14-19 hrs
Upcycling workshops “Furniture made from scrap wood” each building a small piece of furniture. The workshops take place in our wood workshop in the House of Materialisation (HdM, entrance Berolinastraße) and outdoors in our mobile ReUse workshop at the covered bumper car at the House of Statistics.

Berliner Fahrradmarkt und Flohmarkt 14–19 Uhr

Buying, selling and exchanging used bikes and bike parts from private and professionals, everyone can join in: just come along and offer a bike yourself, Repair for a donation supported by FAHRART Kollektiv, Art, culture and social issues around the bike, in cooperation with the Berlin police.

reFUNC DesignLAb 14–19 Uhr


Ort-schafft-Material: AB Café 14–18 Uhr
food industry on the environment and social structures and the topic of food from waste recycling to conscious consumption. We will try out different dyeing techniques, discover colours in kitchen scraps and urban vegetation and use them to dye and fix clothes.

Trash Games: Playing the Circular Economy 14–18 Uhr

We want to play different games together around the topic of Circular Economy, players are welcome and cordially invited!

Merijaan: Understand & avoid plastic, Workshop, 14–17 Uhr
Make surfboards!
The workshop deals with plastic as a resource and sustainable use of it. What are the different types of plastic and how can they be kept in the recycling cycle in the long term. (Feel free to bring your washed plastic waste with you).


Siebdruck Vetomat Kollektiv 16–20 Uhr
Vétomat-Kollektiv has been active in Friedrichshain for 15 years and is coming to the KO-Markt with their screen printing workshop and a small, fine selection of motifs!
Feel free to bring your own clothes and textiles to print on, or use the collection.

Selbstgebaute Musik & Klolaboration Organ 2 – 8 p.m.
The toilet laboratory organ is a playable music installation that is a large collectively playable instrument that can be played by neighbours and visitors. Try it out!

Fermentation and zero food waste 15:30–18:30 Uhr

Preserving vegetables and helping to prevent food waste to communicate the alarming extent and ways to reduce it.

Info Stands of Deutsche Wohnen & Co Expropriate and Berlin Car Free

Bonfire: Stefan gonna light a fire 18–20 Uhr

DEEDS NEWS - Werkstatt Haus der Statistik - Guetermarx



Air pump shooting range
and everything against loose screws 14-19 Uhr

Upcycling cushion covers,
draws from the fundus in the textile harbour of the Stadtmisssion 2-5 p.m.

Quadrat Weben mit T-Shirt Garn mit Tim van der Loo 15–19 Uhr
Square Loom Weaving is an upcycling project that presents a strategy for using T-shirts with low reuse value.

Baufachfrauen Upcycling-Workshops “Restholz vermöbeln“ 14–19 Uhr
Building a small piece of furniture. The workshop takes place in the wood workshop in the House of Materialisation (HdM, entrance Berolinastraße).

Ausstellung Showroom: Stefans Prototypenwerkstatt !!! 14–19 Uhr


Halbtal 18–18:45 Uhr
Since 2013, Berlin trio HALBTAL have successfully denied settling on a musical genre in which they could rest and nest. Instead, they still puzzle their instrumental songs into a mosaic of post-punk, krautrock, jazzy parts and something completely different. listen to it here

Mystery Art Orchestra 19:15–20:00 Uhr

Inspired by the local music scene, the Mystery Art Orchestra was formed, the result is at times disturbing and at times strangely familiar, almost as if different musical decades have been torn apart and sewn back together in unexpected ways. listen in here already

Contested Modernities HAUS A 11–18 Uhr
takes a look at the discourse on Southeast Asian architectural modernism in Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Singapore and Yangon in documentaries, interviews and artistic-research works. Interested people have the opportunity to get to know the exhibition and learn more through guided tours with the artistic director of the exhibition.

KINO SİNEMANINO HAUS B @Sinema Transtopia – Metin 15–18 Uhr

Das Kinderprogramm von SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA (Konzept Dr. Martin Ganguly)

Arriving in a new country is not easy. People speak differently, some things look different. Are you welcome? Do you make friends? Do the neighbours like you? SİNEMANINO is the new children’s programme and is aimed equally at adults and children.Every Saturday at 3 pm at SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA.

EduPlay – Haus C 10–15 Uhr

EduPlay, Education through Play, is an Erasmus+ funded KA2 project. Five NGOs from the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland are working together to develop games for young people and adults. This two-day kick-off meeting marks the beginning of the project to discuss the project further.

SMO. Soviet Modified Organism Haus C 11–21 Uhr
Whether the Soviet thing can be converted into fashion is shown in a series of pictures by Wiktoria Ramuschkewitsch. Oil on canvas, on a knife’s edge between Eastern Bloc traditionalism and the superficialities of the fashion market. Does the Soviet-modified body pose a threat to the climate? Can it be reused at all?

Unclaimed Identities – Haus D 11–22 Uhr

Refugees & Grapefruit Magazine, which focuses on queer migrant women. The two-day exhibition explores the question: “How do the different lenses in which we see the world affect our similarities and differences?”
Art and panel discussion.

Who has the right to decide what our urban environment should sound like? This question is at the heart of the Sonic Aggregator project, where everyone is invited to explore the sound environment of HAUS DER STATISTIK from 17 to 27 September and speculate on the sounds of the future city. What does it sound like now? How should it sound? Who or what determines that? And how can I get involved? To facilitate this investigation and speculation, we will install the Sonic Aggregator listening art object on site. The auditory object – a modular, sculptural installation – invites you to linger, listen and interact, transporting and conveying the idea of urban sound like a kind of Trojan horse, directly in the urban environment. While sitting in the acoustically perfected semi-open sound space of the object, visitors can virtually navigate through a defined part of the city via touchscreen and immerse themselves in the respective sound worlds.


Saturday, 25. September 2021, 14:00 – 20:00 Uhr


WERKSTATT Haus der Statistik
Karl-Marx-Allee 1
10178 Berlin-Mitte

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