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Andreas Schulze. On Stage – Kunsthalle Nürnberg | 5.11.2022-12.02.2023

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Amorphous tubes, bulging objects, points of light, foggy surfaces and wave-like objects form surreal landscapes and interiors in the visual world of Andreas Schulze (* 1955 in Hanover, lives and works in Cologne).

Image above: Ohne Titel (Showtreppe), 2022

His painting, however, is not limited to the two-dimensionality of a flat picture carrier: since the mid-1980s, it has repeatedly become voluminous, expands and reaches into the third dimension. Painterly-plastic environments are created that test the possibilities of painting as panel painting, wall painting, spatial painting, painting in space and space in space. A complex interplay of paintings, wall and floor works, furniture and objects gives rise to peculiarly surreal living worlds and a pictorial microcosm that combines subtle humour with profundity.

Andreas Schulze, professor at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf since 2008, belongs to the generation of artists who, in the transition to the 1980s, once again embraced painting. After the Minimal and Concept Art of the preceding decades demanded an intellectualisation of art, the “hunger for images” in the early 1980s led to a renaissance of painting. Over the past 40 years, Andreas Schulze has developed an unmistakable visual language, independent of short-lived trends and paradigm shifts.


Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Artur-Ladebeck-Straße 5
33602 Bielefeld


Saturday, 5. November 2022 – Sunday, 12. February 2023


General ticket: 5.50€

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