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Schaubude Berlin celebrates 30th birthday with FIGURE IT OUT | 02.06.-11.06.2023

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For its 30th anniversary, Schaubude Berlin invites you to the Figure It Out showcase in June 2023, presenting a diverse cross-section of contemporary figure and object theatre.

Fig.above: Neïtah Janzing

The thematic range of the invited productions for adults and children is wide: with theatre puppets, sound objects, materials, avatars or mask play, they queer-feministically examine the legendary figure Undin or deal with the intrusion of the church into the act of birth, illuminate the postcolonial entanglements of plaster and potatoes, look at the world from the point of view of a bug or ask about the weaknesses of superheroes.

Participating artists are: Jana Barthel/Alexandra Semmler, Matthias Becker, Max Howitz, Hund, Fiona Kelly, KMZ Kollektiv, Anna Kpok, Robin Leveroos/Macromatter, Lovefuckers/ivanaki, Miaulina, Ulrike Monecke, Josephine Nahrstedt, Numen Company, Yahima Piedra Córdova & Daniela del Pomar, PRESS[ST]ART, Tatjana Reeh, Cora Sachs, Jonathan Schmidt-Colinet, Schroffke!, Naoko Tanaka

The programme is framed by showings, try outs, interactive installations throughout the house, picnics and parties.

The three-day professional exchange “Researching with art? (04-06.06.) on artistic research in figure and object theatre, there will be an opportunity for networking, further training, discussion and reflection. In addition, artists will have the opportunity to explore the theatrical potential of online tools for a week in a StageJam. The results will be presented at the showcase on 10 June.

FIGURE IT OUT is a project of the Schaubude Berlin in the framework of the Alliance of International Production Centres for Figure Theatre.


Schaubude Berlin
Greifswalder Str. 81-84
10405 Berlin


Duration: Friday, 2 June – Sunday, 11 June 2023

All performances as part of the anniversary:


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