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Clegg & Guttmann: Re-Inauguration of Monument for Historical Change – Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 27.04.2024

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The art association at Rosa-Luxemburg Platz invites you to the re-inauguration of the monument to historical change on April 27, 2024 from 1 pm to 6 pm The art association is currently in the middle of renovation work. The re-inauguration will be organized in collaboration with the artist duo Clegg & Guttmann. The event takes place at the houses Linienstr. 13 / Weydingerstr. 20 in Berlin-Mitte.

Image above: Rosa-Luxemburg Platz, Clegg and Guttmann, Monument for Historical Change

Since 2004, a monument to historical change has stood in the middle of the city, not as an artefact of past events, but as a social sculpture dedicated to an abstract idea: historical change. Similar to the early photographs by the artist duo Clegg & Guttmann, it was created without a concrete mandate. The installation, which was actually only planned to be temporary, eventually found its place on Linienstraße behind the Volksbühne theatre. It was organised by the then young Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

DEEDS.NEWS - Rosa Luxemburg - Clegg - Guttmann - Monument for Historical Change -
Rosa-Luxemburg Platz, Clegg und Guttmann, Monument for Historical Change

The method of using aesthetic experiences to raise public awareness seems more important today than ever. The renovation will make this essay on the history of public art and its causes more readable again. Prof Dr Helmut Draxler will speak at the re-inauguration, followed by a musical intervention conceived by Clegg & Guttmann.


Saturday, 27. April 2024 from 1 to 6 pm


Monument for Historical Change
Linienstraße 13 / Weydingerstraße 20
10178 Berlin-Mitte

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