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ART DÜSSELDORF 2024 | 12.04–14.04.2024

Editors’ Choice

In its sixth edition from April 12, 2024, Art Düsseldorf presents itself as a dynamic hub for the art scene. It offers carefully curated insights into the important artistic developments of our time and will continue to act as a lively meeting place for the art world in 2024.

Image above: Art Düsseldorf 2023, Photo: Achim Hehn

Strong presence with 105 galleries – 34 new participants

Over 100 galleries: This year, Art Düsseldorf presents a strong list of participants with 105 galleries, which has grown compared to last year. 34 galleries from the national and international environment are taking part for the first time: including Meyer Riegger (Berlin), Kewenig (Berlin, Palma de Mallorca), Dirimart (Istanbul) and Plus-One Gallery (Antwerp). 71 galleries are returning to take part again, including well-known names such as Galerie Thomas Schulte (Berlin), Galerie Michael Haas (Berlin) and Konrad Fischer (Düsseldorf, Berlin).

This year there are 30 galleries from Düsseldorf and Cologne. Galleries based in Berlin are also well represented: 24 galleries reflect the rich art scene in the capital, e.g. KOW, Dittrich&Schlechtriem or Galerie Friese. The list is also enriched by 40 galleries with international locations. These galleries travel from countries such as Austria, Turkey, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, USA, India, Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain, Portugal and France, including galleries such as Emami Art (Kolkata), Carolina Nitsch (New York) , Galerie Krinzinger (Vienna), Tatjana Pieters (Ghent) and Steve Turner (Los Angeles).

The outstanding selection reinforces Art Düsseldorf’s excellent reputation as a lively stage for younger and established positions in tune with the times. Works by artists such as Marina Abramović, Julius von Bismarck, Ulla von Brandenburg, Julian Charrière, Willem de Kooning, Karin Kneffel, Konrad Klappheck, Joep van Liefland, Heinz Mack, Bettina Pousttchi, Troika, and Jürgen Staeck have been announced.

With this list of exhibitors, Art Düsseldorf confirms its position as a multi-faceted, sought-after marketplace for collectors, art enthusiasts and art industry professionals.

DEEDS.NEWS - Art Düsseldorf 2023 - @achim-hehn -1
Art Düsseldorf 2023, Photo: Achim Hehn

Diverse sections

The fair underpins its claim to discursivity, innovation and the taking up of current topics through its curatorial approach and the targeted design of its sections and focus topics. With its theme and supporting program, it continues to assert itself as a place for exchange, debate and art experience. As last year, the sections of the fair are once again called Main, Next, Solo Projects and Joint. The Next section is designed for younger galleries that have been active for less than ten years. The Joint section gives galleries the opportunity to present cooperatively. The Solo Projects present outstanding artists on the central focus topics of 2024:

  • Photography & Identity
  • Retromania
  • Future Bodies

These focus topics can also be found in the trade fair’s talk program. For the first time this year, the sought-after Sculpture Spots, which present sculptures of museum standards, will be selected and presented by a duo of curators. Laura Helena Wurth (Deutschlandfunk Kultur) and Alexander Wilmschen (Kestner Gesellschaft) take on this task.

DEEDS.NEWS - Art Düsseldorf - Artemis Gallery
Art Düsseldorf, Evelyn Bencicova und Enes Guc, Courtesy: Artemis Gallery

Sustainability as an obligation: The “Change” project in cooperation with the E.on Foundation

Both curators are also responsible for the “Change” project, which, in collaboration with the E.on Foundation, presents contemporary positions that deal with sustainability and transformation processes. Walter Gehlen, Director of Art Düsseldorf, emphasizes the fair’s continuous innovation and emphasizes the collaboration with the foundation: “Dealing with the topic of sustainability remains a central focus of Art Düsseldorf. In close cooperation with the E.on Foundation, we will explore new perspectives and contemporary approaches to this topic in art in 2024.” As part of the Change Project, artistic positions from Julia Scher, Jonas Lund, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann and Mona Schulzek, among others, will be explored be seen.

DEEDS.NEWS - Art Düsseldorf 2023 © Felix Hild
Art Düsseldorf 2023, Photo: Felix Hild

Düsseldorf as an art-historically important travel destination in spring

Not only is Art Düsseldorf a reason to come to the Rhineland this spring, it is embedded in the rich offerings of the state capital as an art-historically important place and is based on a close network of galleries, museums and collections. From mid-March, the NRW Art Collection is presenting the exhibition “Hilma af Klint and Wassily Kandinsky. Dreams of the Future”, while the new collection presentation including the replica of the legendary cream cheese bar can be experienced in the Kunstpalast. In April, the fair is at the center of cultural events as a lively stage for contemporary art.

“We are looking forward to four days full of art, exchange and inspiring encounters. The Art Düsseldorf program and that of the participating galleries combine that we draw on the cultural wealth of the Rhineland and at the same time promote contemporary global art. We achieve this through careful curation, well-thought-out programming and a strong understanding of the dynamic relationships between art history and innovation, between galleries, artists, the fair and its location,” summarizes Walter Gehlen.

DEEDS.NEWS - Art Düsseldorf - KEWENIG
Art Düsseldorf, Jo Du, Everyone Wants a Piece of It, Courtesy: Kewenig

Galleries 2024
A+B Gallery, Brescia, JOINT
alexander levy, Berlin, MAIN
Artemis Gallery, Lisbon, JOINT
ASPN, Leipzig, MAIN
Galerie Norbert Arns, Cologne, MAIN
Zeller van Almsick, Vienna, NEXT
Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art, Düsseldorf, MAIN
boa based on Art, Düsseldorf, NEXT
Buchmann Galerie, Berlin, Lugano MAIN
Galerie Bene Taschen, Cologne, SOLO PROJECTS: Photography & Identities
Clages, Cologne, MAIN
Copperfield, London, JOINT
COSAR, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Dirimart, Istanbul, MAIN
Dorothée Nilsson Gallery, Berlin, JOINT
Drei, Cologne, Change presented by E.ON
Dürst Britt & Mayhew, Den Haag, NEXT
Elektrohalle Rhomberg, Salzburg, NEXT
Emami Art, Kolkata, NEXT
Encounter, Lisbon, SOLO PROJECTS: Retromania
EXILE, Vienna, Erfurt, MAIN
fiebach, minninger, Cologne, SOLO PROJECTS: Future Bodies
Galerie Friese, Berlin, MAIN
Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf, Berlin, MAIN
Galerie Boisserée, Cologne, MAIN
Galerie Droste, Düsseldorf, Paris, MAIN
Galerie Karin Günther, Hamburg, JOINT
Galerie Mathias Güntner Hamburg | Berlin, Hamburg, Berlin, MAIN
Galleria Studio G7, Bologna, JOINT
Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen, MAIN
green on red gallery, Dublin, MAIN
GROELLE, Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin, Zurich, MAIN
Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, MAIN
Haverkampf Leistenschneider, Berlin, NEXT
Galerie Anton Janizewski, Berlin, NEXT
Jahn und Jahn, Munich, Lisbon, MAIN
JUBG, Cologne, NEXT
JVDW gallery, Düsseldorf, NEXT
Bernhard Knaus Fine Art GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, MAIN
Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen, Mainz, Venice, MAIN
Galerie Russi Klenner, Berlin, NEXT
KEWENIG, Berlin, Palma de Mallorca, MAIN
Kornfeld Galerie Berlin, Berlin, SOLO PROJECTS: Retromania
KOW, Berlin, MAIN
Krinzinger, Vienna, MAIN
Krobath Wien, Vienna, JOINT
LAGE EGAL Curatorial Projects, Berlin, MAIN
Galerie Löhrl, Mönchengladbach, MAIN
LINN LÜHN, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Lucas Hirsch, Düsseldorf, Change presented by E.ON
LUDORFF, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Galerie m, Bochum, MAIN
Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt am Main, MAIN
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Salzburg, MAIN
Matèria, Rome, JOINT
max goelitz, Munich, JOINT
Meyer Riegger, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Basel, SOLO PROJECTS: Future Bodies
Carolina Nitsch, New York, MAIN
Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Berlin, MAIN
NO·NO Gallery, Lisbon, NEXT
Noah Klink, Berlin, Change presented by E.ON
nouveaux deuxdeux, Munich, Change presented by E.ON
Office Impart, Berlin, Change presented by E.ON
Galerie Parisa Kind, Frankfurt am Main, MAIN
Galerie Rupert Pfab, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Pelaires, Palma de Mallorca, MAIN
Persons Projects, Berlin, MAIN
PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp, JOINT
Produzentengalerie Hamburg, Hamburg, MAIN
PSM, Berlin, JOINT
Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Philipp von Rosen Galerie, Cologne, MAIN
Reinisch Contemporary, Graz, Salzburg, MAIN
RizzutoGallery, Palermo, MAIN
Ruttkowski68, Köln, Düsseldorf, Paris, New York, MAIN
Thomas Rehbein Galerie, Cologne, MAIN
Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, MAIN
Schönewald Fine Arts GmbH, Düsseldorf, MAIN
SETAREH, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Sevil Dolmaci Gallery, Istanbul, MAIN
Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Smolka Contemporary, Vienna, SOLO PROJECTS: Retromania
Soy Capitán, Berlin, SOLO PROJECTS: Future Bodies
Sperling, Munich, NEXT
Steve Turner, Los Angeles, MAIN
Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, MAIN
Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck, MAIN
Galerie Tanit, Munich, Beirut, MAIN
UN-SPACED Gallery, Paris, SOLO PROJECTS: Retromania
Van Horn, Düsseldorf, MAIN
Kadel Wilborn, Düsseldorf, Change presented by E.ON
Weserhalle, Berlin, NEXT
Galerie Zink, Waldkirchen, MAIN


Official opening: Thursday, 11. April 2024 4 – 8 pm

Duration: Friday, 12. April until Sunday, 14. April 2024
Opening hours:
Friday, 12. April: noon – 7 pm
Saturday, 13. April: 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday, 14. April: 11 am – 6 pm


Art Düsseldorf
Areal Böhler
Hansaallee 321
40549 Düsseldorf


Official opening: €49.00

12. April – 14. April:
Regular: €26.00
Reduced: €21.00

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