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GlogauAir Open Studios event | 22.03.-23.03.2024

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GlogauAir presents on Friday 22. March and Saturday 23. March 2024 the Open Studios event. Open Studios features the work of 14 onsite artists and 11 online artists. The Project Space on the ground floor of GlogauAIR presents the work of Miriam Poletti, the artist selected by La Memoria Artística Chema Alvangonzalez as Berlin Guest Artist of 2024.

Image above: Jacqueline Huskisson, Whispers, Courtesy GlogauAIR

Anji Lesourne delves deep into the intricacies of emotion and expression through painting and sculpture. Bakerbrew creates through sculpture and design, blurring between the ideals of decay and preservation, logic and confusion, and machine and creature. Bianca Durrant is a conceptual artist currently exploring how text and narrative operate within museological frameworks. Camilla Marinoni is a visual artist who uses the body as an expressive medium to initiate a dialogue between sculptures and installations. Cassandra Paige explores through filmmaking the cycles of life and its impermanence. Cynthia Chou captures the essence of transformation and impermanence through abstract and expressive portraits mixed with biomaterials. Dae aims to inspire transformations within the audience’s inner landscapes through video, movement and meditation. Elisa Pardo Puch creates installations combining drawing, text and sculpture as a way of exploring transformation, desire and the construction of narratives.

DEEDS.NEWS - GlogauAIR - Nina Criswell
Nina Criswell, courtesy GlogauAIR

Getsay is a conceptual artist who is now investigating the realm of the unconscious and the numinous within communities and art forms. Hildur Henrýsdóttir portraying herself, explores nudity and vulnerability through oil painting, sculpture, video and photography as a way of blurring the line between personal and public life. Hu Zeqian is an artist whose paintings explore the visual relationship between digital art and actual paintings thanks to his personal technique and cultural references. Jacqueline Huskisson’s artistic practice encompasses everything that makes us uneasy through paintings and sculptures. João Motta Guedes is a conceptual artist who is exploring emotional landscapes in the context of rave culture. Lucía Mir is dedicated to the construction of an illusory environment designed to challenge the tenuous line between fiction and reality through painting and drawing. Natasha Katedralis is a visual artist whose work, through photography, material forms and the meeting of the two, explores the dialogue between the virtual space of images and their way of altering reality. Nathalie Mei is a conceptual artist who is exploring the layered relationship between human emotion and territory from the perspective of the visitor. Nicholas Ferguson is a painter, poet and collage maker who is now exploring dreams, vulnerability and the expression of the heart in a theme around “Hide and Seek”. Nina Criswell is an oil painter who is now exploring generative AI tools to contemplate the mysteries of our internal mechanisms and their delicate impermanence. Shannon Castor and Duaa Bilbeisi are creating an art book with the aim of inspiring others to create freely through the special act of exchange.

Shaye Thiel explores the boundaries of sound perception and encourages viewers to listen to listening through installation, performance and sound art. Stella Wiemann is a multidisciplinary artist working in both performative and visual arts, with oil painting and drawings, she wants to research into the experience of loneliness within the LGBTQIA+ community. Tiffany Adler is a visual artist who portrays evolving cultural ideas about feminism and human connection with sculpture, film and photography. Working Hard is an artistic duo that works at the intersection of audio, sculpture, and installation to create conversations around the subjects who suffer discrimination and injustice. Yulia Ani delves into the realms of identity, belonging and the complexities of human emotions through painting.

DEEDS.NEWS - GlogauAIR - Stella Wiemann
Stella Wiemann, Courtesy GlogauAIR

Project Space
The Project Space on the ground floor of GlogauAIR presents “A Thousand Gestures”, an exhibition showcasing the work of Miriam Poletti, the Berlin based artist selected by La Memoria Artística Chema Alvangonzalez as Berlin Guest Artist of 2024.The exhibition is conceived as a place of interaction and contact, and was created in close collaboration with the artists in residence at GlogauAIR between January and March 2024.

Additionally to Open Studios, the exhibition will remain open to the public from the 26th to the 30rd of March , from 15 to 19h.


Friday 22. March 2024, 6 to 9 pm
Saturday 23. March 2024, 3 to 9 pm


Glogauer Str. 16
10999 Berlin

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