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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Automatik – Margaret Raspé – Haus am Waldsee

Stuttering to read: A a a aa aa Autoto toto toto Automa mama ma matik Automamatik Automatik tiktik tiktik tiktik tiktik Margaret Raspé, Automatik, 1970 In spring 2023, Haus am Waldsee will present the first...

Something new, something old, something desired – Hamburger Kunsthalle

In a major show, the Hamburger Kunsthalle’s important collection of contemporary art presents its most recent acquisitions and donations (something new) in dialogue with...

Brujas, Putas, Regalos de Dios | Kunst-Station im Hauptbahnhof Wolfsburg

For her installation Brujas, Putas, Regalos de Dios (Witches, Whores, Gifts of God) at the Wolfsburg Central Station Art Station from 22 September 2022...

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