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Preview before the journey to Hong Kong: HER POWER at the art space MMAE 720

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Following its inaugural event in 2015 by the Hong Kong Women Artists Research Association and a follow-up event in 2018 titled “Hong Kong International Women’s Contemporary Art”, this year’s third edition of the HER POWER 2021 Corona exhibition was conditionally held exclusively online. The HER POWER exhibition is conceived as a global presentation of contemporary art by women and is curated by Dr Huang Mei. Currently, a selection of the presented works is shown on site at the Berlin art space MMAE 720 in Tiergarten.

Image above: Christina Barroso, Transit, 2021, Acrylic, gold and collage on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

In preparation for HER POWER, the Berlin curator Dr Huang Mei and operator of the art space MMAE 720, together with Adela Holmes and Dr Max Harms, formed a working team that first made a pre-selection from 300 professional European women artists. In the subsequent collaboration with the curatorial team in Hong Kong, Beijing and Fuzhou, 30 representative international women artists and their works were finally selected to participate in this online exhibition.

DEEDS NEWS - Lisa Woelfel - Spannung, 2021, Tusche, Kreide und Pigment auf Leinwand, 130x150 cm
Lisa Wölfel, Spannung, 2021, Ink, chalk and pigment on canvas, 130×150 cm

In 2021, the online exhibition made it to three major presentation platforms simultaneously: “Tianqu Art” in Hong Kong, “Her Power” and “artron.net” in Mainland China. The online presentation shows works from China and dozens of other countries around the world that have achieved a great response in China and Hong Kong. Among them are the works of the 30 European women artists divided into five series.

In 2022, 9 of these 30 women artists will be able to send their works to Hong Kong to be presented in various ways, including at Tianqu Gallery (Hong Kong, Fuzhou and Beijing) and from 22 to 26 March 2022 at the Art Central Fair in Hong Kong.

DEEDS NEWS - Lisa Woelfel - IM BECKEN_2021_Tusche Acryl Kreide auf Leinwand _240x160 cm
Lisa Wölfel, IM BECKEN, 2021, Ink, acrylic, chalk on canvas, 240 x 160 cm

The art space MMAE 720 is currently showing the selected works of artists Christina Barroso and Lisa Wölfel, accompanied by digital works by artist Ton Belowskey.

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MMAE 720
Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße 16
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten

+49 30 23 00 34 26


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