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ÜBERSCHAU #01 with 35 artists from 13 countries | CSR Contemporary Show Room

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After a successful preview and opening with numerous art-loving visitors, the CSR Contemporary Show Room is currently presenting the exhibition ÜBERSCHAU #01 with 35 artists from 13 countries. On display are positions from painting, sculpture, photography and NFT. The artists are represented by 15 established Berlin galleries. ÜBERSCHAU thus offers an extract from the exhibitions currently being shown in these galleries.

Image above: Jens Hausmann / Galerie Martin Mertens (left), Kenneth Blom / Luisa Catucci Gallery (center), Dirk Rathke / Semjon Contemporary (right)


Probably the best-known work in the exhibition is by the artist Markus Lüpertz. Galerie Michael Haas, which represents Lüpertz, has also brought two young positions into the exhibition: Peter Böhnisch and Nicole Bianchet.

Nicole Bianchet, Peter Böhnisch + Markus Lüpertz / Galerie Michael Haas (left, f.l.t.r.)
Johannes Gervé / gallery mutare (centre)
GAMA / gallery probst (right)

Participating artist ÜBERSCHAU #01

Gökçen Dilek Acay, Konstantin Bayer, Wolfram Beck, Anna Bittersohl, Nicole Bianchet, Kenneth Blom, Peter Böhnisch, Adrian Buba, Grigori Dor, Frederik Foert, Shingo Francis, Enrico Freitag, Rao Fu, GAMA, Norman Gebauer, Johannes Gervé, Roman Gilz + Gott Gordan, Jens Hausmann, Sue Hayward, Christian Henkel, Gregor Hiltner, Rhys Himsworth, Filip Kalkowski, Bodo Korsig, Hinrich Kröger, Renata Kudlacek, Markus Lüpertz, Adam Noack, Dirk Rathke, Nina Röder, Stefan Schiek, Howard Sherman, Anna Tunikova, Lars Wild.

DEEDS NEWS - CSRART-UBERSCHAU-01-Photo-6 courtesy of DEEDS LAB and ART at Berlin
Howard Sherman, Gregor Hiltner / Galerie Kremers (left, l.t.r.)
Renata Kudlacek, Rhys Himsworth / BBA Gallery (centre, l.t.r.)
GILZ / GOTT GORDAN / Gallery Z22 (right)
Wolfram Beck / Salongalerie Die Möwe (far right)

Participating galleries ÜBERSCHAU #01

BBA Gallery (Mitte), EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin (Charlottenburg), Galerie Michael Haas (Charlottenburg), Galerie Kremers (Kreuzberg), Luisa Catucci Gallery (Neukölln), Galerie Martin Mertens (Mitte), Galerie mutare (Charlottenburg), nüüd.berlin gallery (Mitte), galerie probst (Charlottenburg), Salongalerie Die Möwe (Mitte), Galerie Schindler (Potsdam), Galerie Schmalfuss Berlin (Charlottenburg), Galerie Sievi (Kreuzberg), Semjon Contemporary (Mitte), Galerie Z22 (Wilmersdorf)

Bodo Korsig / gallery Schmalfuss Berlin (left)
GAMA / gallery probst (2nd from left)
Shingo Francis / gallery Schmalfuss Berlin (3rd from left)
Frederik Foert / EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin (centre left)
Adrian Buba + Norman Gebauer / Galerie Sievi (centre right)
Filip Kalkowski + Hinrich Kröger / Gallery mutare (right)
Jens Hausmann / Galerie Martin Mertens (far right)

CSR initiator and operator is the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin. Its aim is to make contemporary art and the work of its producers visible and supportive, to get more people excited about art, to reduce threshold fears, to test new concepts and formats that make people curious about art and make art education more attractive, to create a space for discourse and promote social interaction. To this end, DEEDS.LAB has planned various events in the CSR over the next few months.

DEEDS NEWS - CSRART-UBERSCHAU-01-Photo-2 courtesy of DEEDS LAB and ART at Berlin
Norman Gebauer / Sievi Gallery (left)
Sue Hayward / Galerie Schindler (2nd from left)
Shing Francis / Galerie Schmalfuss Berlin (centre left)
various artists / EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin (centre right)
Dirk Rathke / Semjon Contemporary (right)
Gregor Hiltner / Galerie Kremers (far right)


Total CSR duration: Thursday, 28 April to Friday, 30 September 2022

Mon – Sat 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (longer for events)

Dates for ÜBERSCHAU #01

Exhibition period: Thursday, 28. April – Saturday, 21. May 2022


CSR Contemporary Show Room
Friedrichstraße 69
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Instagram @contemporaryshowroom

#csr #csrart #contemporaryshowroom

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