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artloft.berlin shows Klangfarben: Paintings by Thomas bo Henriksson | 18.09.-09.11.2022

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The artloft.berlin presents the third exhibition of the Swedish artist Thomas bo Henriksson. The new series of paintings continues his explorations from the previous exhibition “Beyond Singularities”. In that exhibition, Henriksson introduced inventive constructions of “colour chords” in which thick layers of oil paint create almost three-dimensional forms. They reveal the way his paintings live and evolve over time.

Image above: Thomas bo Henriksson, Forest Dance © Thomas bo Henriksson

The new work presented in the current exhibition is spanned from the artist’s idea of colour chords, the exposure of the rhythmic movement of his brush on the canvas to a musical component inspired by the violin instrumentalist Khachatur Kanajan.

“Paintings become art when what you perceive as a viewer is greater than what your eyes can see. Good paintings open doors to new inner landscapes. If you let them flow through your imagination, you can always come across moments of eternity.”

Thomas bo Henriksson
DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of the artist - Thomas bo Henriksson - Rosa
Thomas bo Henriksson, Rosa, 2022 © Thomas bo Henriksson

The element of time is partly suggested by the artist through the use of colour. His more recent works contain colour references to other paintings as a journey through art history. “Painting with a brush is like travelling through time. Colours build bridges between worlds, shape their identities,” Henriksson believes.

Henriksson established his studio in the interdisciplinary multicultural scene of Berlin’s Wedding. After a fire there, in which the artist saved his paintings at the cost of a weeks-long coma, Henriksson has resumed his exploration of colour and time. In his studio, Werkhalle Wiesenburg, he also hosts other visual and musical artists* with whom he works creatively. He regularly opens the doors to let the public participate in these processes.

The exhibition is curated by Tanya Berlinski.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of the artist - Thomas bo Henriksson - Animae
Thomas bo Henriksson, Animae, 2022 © Thomas bo Henriksson

Thomas bo Henriksson was born in Stockholm. There he studied painting at the Royal College of Arts. He lived and worked in New York and has lived in Berlin since 2000. Numerous exhibitions in galleries at home and abroad accompany his artistic work, including at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMAD)/ Dubrovnik, Galerie Nordenhake/ Berlin, Tomelilla Konsthall/ Tomelilla, Werkhalle Wiesenburg/ Berlin, Galleri F15, Jeløy/ Norway, Galleri Olsson/ Stockholm, More North Gallery/ New York, Royal Academy of Arts/ Stockholm, artloft.berlin/ Berlin.

artloft.berlin was founded in 2013 by Markus Kniepkamp and Denise Groß. The exhibition spaces are located in a historic industrial building in Berlin-Wedding, which visitors repeatedly describe as a building with a spirited Berlin character. The various lofts, furnished in urban industrial style, offer a cultural venue, programme house and event location. Visual, performing and multimedia arts, live concerts ranging from classical/jazz to experimental music, as well as culinary events and workshops/meetings all find exceptional opportunities to develop here. In May 2022, the G7 summit of development ministers took place there.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of the artist - Thomas bo Henriksson - Green
Thomas bo Henriksson, Green, 2022 © Thomas bo Henriksson

Founded in 1966, Time Equities, Inc (“TEI”) has been involved in real estate investment and development, asset and property management for more than 50 years. TEI is committed to enriching its real estate experience through its Art-in-Buildings-programme. An innovative concept that brings contemporary art by emerging artists into unconventional exhibition spaces to promote artists, expand art audiences and create a more engaging environment for the occupants of their buildings and their guests. Time Equities Inc. is headquartered in New York.


Exhibition period: Sunday, 18 September to Wednesday, 9 November

Opening hours: Viewing of the exhibition by appointment by telephone +49 (0) 177 653 3325


artloft.berlin (courtyard 3)
Gerichtstraße 23
13347 Berlin-Wedding

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