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Neues Museum Nürnberg: AT THE HEAD OF THE WORLD – Sebastian Tröger | 07.10.2022-19.03.2023

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The Neues Museum Nürnberg (Nuremberg) has invited the painter Sebastian Tröger (born 1986) to present a new work in the six façade rooms facing Klarissenplatz. From Friday, 7 October 2022, the work Am Hebel der Welt (At the Lever of the World), consisting of six multi-part scene paintings on over two floors and around 500 m², will be on display.

Image above: Entstehungsprozess der großen Arbeit Am Hebel der Welt, 2022 Foto: Tim Hufnagl

The Nuremberg artist paints the figure-rich narrative with black ink on large lengths of linen, loosely hung on taut strings. A theatrical stage effect is created in the transversely divided rooms, which is further accentuated by free-standing sculptures.

At the opening on Thursday, 6 October 2022 at 7 pm, the Nuremberg-based author Joshua Groß will give a thematic introduction and approach Tröger’s work in a poetic-literary way.


At the Lever of the World is conceived as a coherent pictorial story in black and white. In terms of content, it is initially oriented towards the division of acts in classical drama. Sebastian Tröger tells an ambiguous story with quick brushstrokes and scenes that are often only hinted at. At the beginning, a paradisiacal scene of the unity of man and animal opens, followed by increasing alienation triggered by man and leading to catastrophe. But in an additional sixth act, Tröger offers an alternative and thus a reconciliatory ending. In this way, a large-scale, coherent narration is created in the façade spaces.

Sebastian Tröger consciously incorporates the different perspectives and viewpoints of the viewers into the conception: While the focus is on the overall narrative when looking from the outside, the narrative is repeatedly interrupted when walking through the rooms.

DEEDS NEWS - Neue Museum - Am Hebel der Welt 4 660-min
Entstehungsprozess der großen Arbeit „Am Hebel der Welt“, 2022
Foto: Sebastian Tröger

The various scenes act as strong individual images. In addition to cross-references to art history such as Japanese ink painting, A. R. Penck or Pablo Picasso, Sebastian Tröger also incorporates his own long-developed repertoire of figures from earlier picture cycles. He shapes all this into a grand round dance about the crises and challenges of our time.


Sebastian Tröger studied in Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. With his art he clearly ties in with the expressive painting of the 1980s and consciously works with references and quotations.

In addition, in his mostly large-format paintings in colour but also in black and white, he has created his own trove of figures, which he uses again and again, referring to his own work but also to his role as an artist in society. The work for the Neues Museum Nürnberg is his largest coherent work to date.

Sebastian Tröger lives and works in Nuremberg.


Friday, 7. October 2022 bis voraussichtlich Sunday, 19. March 2023


Luitpoldstraße 5

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