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Max Rübensal: “Watching Me Watching You” at the Berlin gallery Kunst40 | 03.03.-14.03.2023

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From 3 March 2023, selected works by Berlin artist Max Rübensal will be presented for the first time in a solo exhibition at Galerie Kunst40 in Berlin-Schmargendorf. In the exhibition “Watching You Watching Me”, the artist will show not only his well-known, large-format eye artworks, but also many more of his recent works that deal with the theme of identity. The vernissage will take place on Friday, 3 March 2023 from 6 pm.

Image above: Max Rübensal, Studio Portrait

Born in Nuremberg and living in Berlin, the freelance artist Max Rübensal deals with various contemporary or political themes in his works. He reflects on symbolism, identity, pop culture and the ever-growing digitalisation of our everyday lives. For this, he interprets well-known and strong symbols, which he integrates into his high-contrast and colourful works.

DEEDS NEWS - Max Ruebensal - Living In Third Person No21 Max Ruebensal
Max Rübensal, Living In Third Person No. 21

In this way, Rübensal combines conceptual approaches from his past as a sculpture and installation artist with his characteristically experimental and process-oriented art practice. They reflect his attempt to make sense of a world that is changing faster than we can grow into it or adapt to it.

DEEDS NEWS - Max Ruebensal - Max Ruebensal - Studioportät 2
Max Rübensal, Studio Portrait

Since 2015, Max Rübensal’s abstract works have dealt with the subjective perception of colour as well as images and symbols from pop culture, transforming their original connotations into multi-layered, multi-dimensional works. He uses a variety of special acrylic techniques, which can also be of a conceptual nature. In this way, he combines the experimental and process-oriented creative process with a conceptual, thematic approach.

DEEDS NEWS - Max Ruebensal - Be The Spark No 6 Max Ruebensal
Max Rübensal, Be The Spark #6, Acrylic, Metal leaf on paper, 29,7 × 42 cm (DIN A3), signed

This approach is inspired by urban culture, collected thoughts as well as the cultivation of communal world views. Partly abstract, partly combined with traditional painting, works emerge that are both personal and universal in their language.

Max Rübensal

Max Rübensal (*20 June 1994, Nuremberg) studied cultural economics with a focus on art history. He is a self-taught painter, conceptual artist and sculptor. By incorporating chance and experimental painting techniques into his own artistic development process, years of intensive exploration and reflection on colours, patterns and contrasts led to his characteristic handwriting, which moves at the interfaces between abstraction and figuration.

DEEDS NEWS - Max Ruebensal - Living In Third Person No12 Max Ruebensal
Max Rübensal, Living In Third Person No. 12

After a trip around the world after graduating from high school and a stay in Shanghai, where he worked for an international gallery, Rübensal now lives and works in Berlin. In addition to continuous exhibitions, his works are in various private collections around the world.

Max Rübensal, Living In Third Person No. 19



Friday, 03. March 2023, 6:00 pm

Exhibition dates:

Friday, 03. March to Tuesday, 14. March 2023

OPening hours: 

Mon – Fri 1 – 7 pm
Sat – Sun noon – 8 pm


Galerie Kunst40
Breite Straße 40
14199 Berlin-Schmargendorf


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