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Jens Kothe – EIGEN + ART Lab | 01.03.-06.04.2024

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EIGEN + ART Lab shows from 1st of March the exhibition Vulnerable State by Jens Kothe. The exhibition deals with the vulnerability of the human body and thus provides a clever artistic commentary on a much-discussed social issue of recent years. The artist impressively shows the intimacy inherent in a state of vulnerability, revealing pain and pleasure as two sides of the same coin.

Image above: Jens oben – courtesy EIGEN + ART Lab

The skin becomes the centre of attention. The surface organ that surrounds our body like armour protects and conceals our inner self and is also the most visible part of our body. It is a borderline phenomenon that not only separates the outer and inner worlds, but also acts as a transmitter of our state of mind. Whether we like it or not, no organ expresses our otherwise hidden emotional states such as health, illness, stress, excitement or fear so clearly. […]

Kothe’s exhibition cleverly and sensitively illustrates the proximity of fragility, vulnerability and pain with intimacy, lust and sexuality. It illustrates how nuances can tip situations in one direction or the other.

In this sense, the exhibition is a call for sensitivity: because in all people, without exception, there is a vulnerable core hidden behind the protective façade.


Vernissage: Friday 1 March 2024 from 5 to 9 pm

Exhibition dates: Friday 1. March – Saturday 6. April 2024
Tu – Fr 2 – 6 pm
Sa 11 am – 6 pm


Torstraße 220 . D
10115 Berlin

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