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Exhibition Jin Lee: Beyond Line – DISKURS Berlin | 15.03.-12.04.2024

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DISKURS Berlin shows form 15. March 2024 the exhibition Beyond Line by the artist Jin Lee. “Beyond Line”, Jin Lee’s latest solo exhibition in Berlin, presents a series of new, captivating kinetic art installations that explore the dynamic relationship between movement and unpredictability. This exhibition encourages visitors to delve into the depths of kinetic art and challenges them to rethink its boundaries and definitions that it can transcend. Sound contribution: Gabriel Kleber.

Image above: Jin Lee, Emergence Boundaries, Beyond Line, Courtesy DISKURS Berlin

A Fusion of Motion and the Unpredictability of Lines in Kinetic Art

This exhibition celebrates movement, unpredictability, and the blurred lines between motion and stillness, sound and silence. Lee’s unique approach brings to life three-dimensional patterns within the exhibition space, utilizing moving lines and lasers to challenge and redefine conventional perceptions of space.

“Beyond Line” features three innovative works by Lee, each illustrating the delicate balance between dynamic energy and tranquil moments. The front space of the exhibition is alive with moving lines, creating an engaging environment that draws visitors into a state of continuous change. At the centre of this kinetic journey is “24 Lines,” a pivotal piece where each line embarks on its trajectory, interlacing harmony with discord and serving as a conduit between the energetic front space and the technological marvels in the rear.

The rear space of the exhibition introduces visitors to a fusion of laser-generated visuals and soundscapes by Gabriel Kleber. Here, Lee’s mastery of technology shines through as lasers and algorithms collaborate to produce unforeseen patterns and auditory experiences. This integration of movement, precision, and sound, grounded in the XYZ axis, comprehensively explores the intersections between art and technology.

“Beyond Line” is an in-depth exploration of the essence of kinetic art. Lee’s inventive use of lines, machinery, and programming ventures into the territories of the unforeseen and artist and machine self-generated. It invites the artist and viewers to explore the boundless possibilities that arise when technology and sensory perception converge.

“Beyond Line” invites all to delve into the unseen and reconsider the vast expanses beyond art’s visible boundaries.

DEEDS.NEWS - DISKURS Berlin - Jin Lee - Beyond Line - 2
Jin Lee, Beyond Line, Courtesy DISKURS Berlin

Educated at Berlin Art University and Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Jin Lee skillfully integrates Eastern and Western art forms. His installations, recognized by accolades such as the ZER01NE Creative Grant, have captivated audiences from Seoul to Weimar, often themed around order, chaos, and uncertainty.

Gabriel Kleber, a Basel-based composer and sound artist, creates contemporary dance, theatre, experimental films, installations, and electronic instruments. His works have been presented in Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Russia, and Belgium. In 2023, he received a Swiss research grant for his innovative musical instruments.


Opening: Thursday, 14. March 2024, 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition period: Friday, 15. March until Friday 12 April 2024
Opening hours: Wed – Sat, 1 – 7 pm


Novalisstrasse 7
10115 Berlin

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