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Rotz und Wasser at the Schaubude Berlin | 17.01.-19.01. + 21.01.-22.01.2023

Two clowns elicit their precious tears from each other: The tear of joy leaps with happiness. The love tear tastes like a kiss. The...

Haus am Waldsee presents first complete retrospective of Margaret Raspé | 03.02.-29.05.2023

Stuttering to read: A a aaa aaAutoto toto totoAutoma mamama matikAutomamatikAutomatiktiktik tiktiktiktik tiktik Margaret Raspé, Automatik, 1970 In spring 2023, Haus am Waldsee will present the first...

Schinkel Pavillon shows DIS with “Everything but the World” | 03.02.–26.02.2022

Embedded in the glass architecture of the Schinkel Pavilion, the latest video work by the New York collective DIS imagines scenarios of existence that...

Reading Traces. Accesses to the History and Actuality of the ifa Art Collection | 21.01.-22.01.2023

On the weekend of 21 and 22 January 2023, a two-day event with lectures and discussions on the ifa art collection will take place...

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