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Rotz und Wasser at the Schaubude Berlin | 17.01.-19.01. + 21.01.-22.01.2023

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Two clowns elicit their precious tears from each other: The tear of joy leaps with happiness. The love tear tastes like a kiss. The farewell tear rolls warmly and thickly down the face. The tear of fear goes into a special container …
Then the crocodile makes its appearance. But it doesn’t really cry, does it?
With lots of water and a pinch of salt, the puppeteers Ulrike Kley and Samira Wenzel go in search of the preciousness in every tear they cry. Are tears of mourning heavier than others? Where do the tears that are not allowed to show themselves flow to? Is it even possible to fit all five million tears we cry in life into one play?

Image above: Scene from “Snot and Water” © Thilo Neubacher

Material theatre with lots of water • in German • 40 minutes

“Rotz und Wasser” is for families and children aged 4 and up, the first collaboration between the puppet theatre duo Lehmann und Wenzel/ Westflügel Leipzig and the Berlin puppeteer and theatre therapist Ulrike Kley.

Ulrike Kley

“The artistic goal is to adapt taboo topics, current debates and collectively repressed emotions with the means of figure, object, material theatre and to find a poetic realisation. Direct dialogue with social groups is a central component and source of inspiration for this work.

The visual starting point for my productions are usually simple, everyday objects and materials whose representational potential I intensively explore and exploit.”

Ulrike Kley studied puppet theatre at the State University of Music and Performing Arts, Stuttgart. Since graduating in 2008, she has worked freelance as a puppeteer, actress, director and theatre pedagogue.

In 2008 she founded the touring theatre stage amai-figurentheater and has been invited to numerous guest performances and festivals in the USA, Finland, France, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Japan, among others.
Ulrike Kley is a theatre therapist according to dgft (Institute for Theatre Therapy/Catholic University of Social Sciences, Berlin) and a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.

Lehmann und Wenzel

“Our visually rich and opinionated play developments move between pop culture, folklore and punk and are touching, whether critical, sensitive or humorous. The content ranges from grand opera to personal crises, wishes and hopes. For as multifaceted as the world we deal with is, our view of it must also be multifaceted. In the process, materials, objects and self-made figures are just as necessary for the development of the pieces as musical compositions, texts and playfulness.”

Samira Wenzel and Stefan Wenzel studied puppet theatre at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart. In 2012 they founded the puppet theatre duo “Lehmann und Wenzel” and since then have been developing their own plays, which they perform internationally. They usually appear on stage as a duo, but can also be seen as soloists and in combinations with various other artists. They also work in the areas of directing and set design and participate in workshops and installation formats.

Lehmann and Wenzel are part of the Westflügel Leipzig collective.


Tuesday, 17 January – Thursday, 19 January 2023
Saturday, 21 January – Sunday, 22 January 2023


Schaubude Berlin
Greifswalder Street 81-84
10405 Berlin


Child: 6,50 €
Group with JKS voucher: 4,50 €
Group without JKS voucher: 5 €
Adults: 9 €
Reduced: 8 €

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