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For nine days (12.12.-20.12.2020) in WIEDERERWACHEN 31 artists* transform with their works the forecourts, terraces, windows as well as the car parks around the location of STATION Berlin and the Hotel Aletto in Luckenwalder Straße at Gleisdreieck in Kreuzberg. They metaphorically transform this location into a total work of art.

DEEDS WORLD - Tracey Snelling_Fuck_2020
Tracey Snelling, Fuck 2020

The spectrum of genres ranges from sculpture, photography, painting, paper works and installations to performance art. The special feature is that the works of art can be viewed from the street as well as from the U1 and U3 lines as they pass by. They are open to the public without admission.

DEEDS WORLD - Toshihiko Mitsuya_Anonymous relatives, Gardener_2013
Toshihiko Mitsuya_Anonymous relatives, Gardener, 270 x 140 x 260 cm, 2013

The art project WIEDERERWACHEN ties in with the potential of the independent scene and subculture in Berlin. It is an appeal to artists* to become active themselves, to reflect on the sense of community and to creatively face together the adverse circumstances that have led to the cancellation of numerous exhibitions. The initiator and curator of this exhibition is the German photo artist Semra Sevin, who has developed the conception and realisation of exhibitions into her extended artistic field of action.

DEEDS WORLD - Miriam Lenk_Janus Fairy_Epoxy Resin_2015
Miriam Lenk, Janus Fairy, Epoxy Resin, 325 x 120 x 100 cm, 2015


The artists’ works can be seen walking from the street and in the windows of three buildings as well as from the underground lines 1, 2 & 3 on the 10 x 11 m terrace of the Berlin STATION. On the opening day at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Ivar van Urk & Manfred Peckl and Catherine Lorent will perform a musical interlude in the STATION car park facing Luckenwalder Straße. A QR code with further information about the artist and the work will be displayed next to each artwork. 1-to-1 tours can be booked with the curator via the registration link.

DEEDS WORLD - Miray Seramet_Hildegard Nr 12_Nylon auf Molton genaeht
Miray Seramet, Hildegard Nr.12, Nylon auf Molton genäht, 150 x 150, 2015


Erik Andersen, Jofroi Amaral, Lotta Bartoschewski, Olivia Berckemeyer, Per Christian Brown, Birte Bosse, Andreas Hachulla, Gregor Hildebrandt, Alicja Kwade, Miriam Lenk, Via Lewandowsky, Catherine Lorent, Marius Mathisrud, Toshihiko Mitsuya, Manfred Peckl, Luciana Penjak, Maik Schierloh, Susanne Schirdewahn, Sandra Schlipköter, Nadja Schöllhammer, Nina Schuiki, Miray Seramet, Caro Suerkemper, Zuzanna Zita Skiba, Tracey Snelling, Csilla Szabó, Lucy Teasdale, Philip Topolovac, Peter Vink, Sador Weinsčlucker and Marian Wijnvoord.

DEEDS WORLD - Andreas Hachulla_Warrior of the World_Digitaldrawing_2019
Andreas Hachulla, Warrior of the World, Digitaldrawing, 2019


Saturday, 12 December from 4 to 10 pm Sunday, 13 December from 4 to 8 pm


Saturday, 19 December from 4 to 10 pm Sunday, 20 December from 4 to 8 pm

Registration is mandatory at https://bit.ly/3fdGbBL

Music Performances

12. December 6 pm: ferp can more by Ivar van Urk & Manfred Peckl 7 pm: Catherine Lorent

Walk-by Kunst von der Straße: & Drive-by Light Art by Peter Vink from the U1 & U3   Opening hours: Monday-Friday 4 – 8 pm, Sat 4 – 10 pm, Sunday 4 – 8 pm Registration: https://bit.ly/3fdGbBL

DEEDS WORLD - Caro Suerkemper_Untitled_ceramic_2010
Caro Suerkemper, Untitled, ceramic, 54 x 25 x 27cm, 2010

WHERE? STATION BERLIN & HOTEL ALETTO Luckenwalder Straße 4-6 und 12-14, 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg

WHEN? Montag bis Freitag, 16-20 Uhr, Samstag 16-22 Uhr, Sonntag 16-20 Uhr

COSTS? Access is free of charge

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