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Application now open: Black Swan Hackathon “The Communes” at KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Editors’ Choice

Can interdependence be the basis for sustainable economic models for art production? What does sustainability mean in a world of change? What happens when we consider the emotional components of art making as an active component in the distribution of resources and the creation of value in art? And finally, how does art survive, evolve or change as history merges into a perpetual present?

Apply to Black Swan for the game The Communes at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (application deadline: 05.08.2021, 23:59, game date: 27.08.-29.08.2021, expected duration: 36 hrs.) to decide how to manage and distribute resources consisting of money, space and materials for art production. Live in KW, 32 participants of the hackathon will test the distribution of real resources by acting out economic models and organisational forms in the 36-hour hackathon. They will be invited to join one of four communities, each based on different forms of exchange, decision-making processes and organisational structures: the clan, the guild, the sect and the company. Participants will be recruited through the public call and assigned to one of the communities. The findings of the hackathon will feed into the development of Black Swan DAO, an open-source toolkit for artistic collectives.

DEEDS NEWS - Back Swan Hackathon 2021 - KW Institute for Contemporary Art - Courtesy Black Swan
Courtesy Black Swan

KW Institute for Contemporary Art invites the Berlin collective Black Swan as part of the public programme for Michael Stevenson Disproof Does Not Equal Disbelief. In the exhibition, Stevenson meticulously explores the confluence of business, technology, education, religion, architecture and media and the intertwining of these institutions by reflecting on significant micro-narratives. A live televised telethon, also known as a “telethon”, stands as a key reference to highlight the questionable relationship between the individual and larger, overarching bodies, as well as the kayfabe (or: enacted) logic of our lived reality. If something is constructed, it means that it can also be deconstructed, reconsidered, reconfigured and redistributed.

The real resources pledged by Black Swans Silent Stakeholders include: Micro-grants for artistic research & development by external parties, exhibition space and technical support, residency space outside Berlin for up to twelve people, studio and rehearsal space, expert advice on the day of the hackathon, features on digital event and exhibition platforms, desk space for three months, a digital residency, liquidity for NFT imprinting and an NFT exhibition and sale.

Black Swan: The Communes would not be possible without the following silent stakeholders: Light Art Space, 221A, Callie’s, Curve Labs, Ed Fornieles Studio, Folia, Jaya Klara Brekke, Benjamin Bratton, Kei Kreutler, Kunstverein München, New Models, Ben Vickers, Ruth Catlow, Trust, and KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

Michael Stevenson Disproof Does Not Equal Disbelief is supported by Creative New Zealand.

More information about the Hackathon, Black Swan and the exhibition here.

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