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Kunsthalle Münster: A Letter from the Front | 10.07.-11.09.2022

Editors’ Choice

Under the title A Letter from the Front, Kunsthalle Münster presents a selection of videos and filmic works by contemporary artists from Ukraine.

Image above: AntiGonna, Rave on the bones, 2017, color, sound, 6:59 min. © courtesy of the artist

Some of the Ukrainian artists whose works are shown in the Kunsthalle are trapped in the besieged cities or have fled to the border areas or neighbouring countries. They mobilise themselves inside or outside the borders of the war-torn country, defying the distances militantly with their own bodies.

DEEDS NEWS - Yaroslav Futymsky - Kunsthalle Muenster - A Letter from the Front 1
Yaroslav Futymsky, Flag is burning, 2019, color, sound, 1:51 min. © courtesy of the artist

Some of them could not save their hard drives before leaving their homes and studios. Therefore, within the framework of this project, the artworks can only be shown in the form in which they were digitally stored on servers, clouds and web platforms.

“The greater the distances are between all of us, the more united we feel in our demand to stop the Russian aggression in Ukraine. We could not be more solidary then we are now, while we face the fact that years of political struggles are in danger of dissolving and going up in smoke. The selection of filmic works and moving images presented on this occasion do not strictly speak of the new war. They are rather evidence of the work that has been done (or we thought we had done) to prevent the conflict. This works can be seen as a premonition of an evident and inevitable catastrophe, which too often in the history of Ukraine has been tangible.” (participating artists)

A Letter from the Front was commissioned and produced by the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli-Turin, after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

DEEDS NEWS - Katya Libkind - Kunsthalle Muenster - A Letter from the Front 3
Katya Libkind, Where are Your Big Ears Dear Dead Grandma?, 2021, color, sound, 6:44 min. © courtesy of the artist

Curators: Nikita Kadan in Zusammenarbeit mit Giulia Colletti
Project coordination Kunsthalle Münster: Merle Radtke
Assitance Kunsthalle Münster: Constanze Venjakob


Kunsthalle Münster, Hafenweg 28, 5. Floor, 48155 Münster


Saturday, 10th July to Saturday, 11th September 2022

Tue – Sat 12 – 18 Uhr

Opening: 10th July 2022, noon


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