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Kerstin Brätsch Sein – Leopold-Hoesch-Museum | 25.9.2022—8.1.2023

Editors’ Choice

Exhibitions of the Günther Peill Foundation

Image above: Kerstin Brätsch, Unstable Talismanic Rendering

Kerstin Brätsch reaches dynamically beyond the edges of modern painting. Using centuries-old craft techniques, she creates pictorial bodies of almost hypnotic energy in which human precision and natural forces merge. The exhibition combines large-scale marbling on paper, in whose details the eye gets lost, with brightly coloured stucco marble works. In their specific materialities, both unfold a life of their own between abstraction and shadowy figuration-and demonstrate the medium of painting as a porous space of possibility in which the past and the present indissolubly interpenetrate.

Central to Alexis Gautier’s diverse work is the encounter and interaction with specific places and spaces. In doing so, he draws on local conditions and everyday situations, which he translates into artistic forms. Different elements find their way into his works, which are characterised by chance, improvisation, poetry and subtle humour and in which polyphonic translation processes materialise. In Düren, Gautier brings together works from different contexts and media, which together form an open narrative space.

Britta Thie’s artistic practice is fed by a networked present in which media and communication technologies play a central role in shaping identity. She refers to popular narrative formats and combines reality with fiction. Whereas video has so far served her primarily as an examination of social lifeworlds, actors and codes, in her most recent paintings the equipment used for series productions itself becomes the protagonist. In Düren, Thie will also present the trailer of a film that has not yet been shot.

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