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Mart Stam Prize 2022 – Weißensee Academy of Fine Arts Berlin | 03.11.2022

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At a festive award ceremony on 03.11.2022, nine graduates of weißensee kunsthochschule berlin received the Mart Stam Prize for their outstanding final theses in the fields of art and design.

Image above: © Jakob Wirth, Aktion Parasite Parking

The Mart Stam Prize 2022 was awarded to:

Milan Bergheim, Product-Design, re:wet/peat:lab
The final thesis moors and wetlands, which are drying out due to falling groundwater levels and agricultural use, releasing large amounts of CO2 in the process. An easy-to-use measuring device invented by Bergheim is intended to help farmers to determine the condition of their farmers to determine the condition of their peatlands, monitor the re-watering and control it.

Kaja Busch, Mode-Design, no shame no gain
Inspired by the readings of Annie Ernaux and Didier Eribon, fashion designer Kaja Busch attempts to go against the grain of the common concept of fashion: In performances, she sews herself or other women into textiles, placing individual bodies above the supposedly perfect bodies of models elevated to the ideal by the fashion industry and advertising.

Ju Hyun Hwang, Visual communication, Not ok – Anti-Asiatischer Rassismus
For Ju Hyun Hwang, the prejudices against Asians became particularly tangible during the Corona pandemic. In a comprehensive catalogue, she explores visual and verbal stereotypes in a series of posters.
In a comprehensive catalogue, she addresses visual and verbal stereotypes and gets to the bottom of discriminatory attributions with a series of posters.

Nina Plášková, Sculpture, Dialog der Eingelegten
In the border area between drawing and painting, Nina Plášková creates an inner world that is fed by nightmares, ancient myths and fairy tales. Plášková is fascinated by the dark sides and abysses
and abysses of the human psyche. With her drawings and murals, she places herself in the tradition of Black Romanticism in literature and painting.

Sabine Richter, Product-Design, Power to the period – using menstrual blood to diagnose diseases
Product designer Sabine Richter has developed the concept for a test kit that allows women to analyse blood values with menstrual fluid and thus engage in self-determined preventive health care.

Alexandra Ruppert, Visual communication, Atlas of a Dream Volcano
Alexandra Ruppert maps and identifies the recurring patterns of her dreams (“I am unable to control the car”, “I am eating an animal”) and finds graphic equivalents for them that are somewhere between scientific illustration and comic.

Vaia Tatopoulou, Textil- and areas-Design, and Lorenz Willkomm, Visual communication, Hohlräume, Exhibiting Depression
Talking openly about one’s own depression is risky in a performance-oriented world. Tatopoulou and Willkomm break the taboo and transform their private rooms into a walk-in work of art.
work of art. They allow visitors intuitive and sensual access to the subject that has determined their lives up to now.

Jakob Wirth, Spatial strategies, Parasite Parking
At the last Architecture Biennial in Chicago, Jakob Wirth placed a low, rectangular block on rollers in a paid car park – provoking not only anger, He provoked not only anger, but also a reflection on how we deal with public space, which he transforms with his actions into a meeting place for residents or homeless people, for example.

The Mart Stam Prize, named after the Dutch architect, designer and former rector of weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, awards the winners with a catalogue and a joint exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien. 30 art and design graduates applied for the prize this year. They presented their final projects to the jury in person on the day before the award ceremony. Stefan Koppelkamm, chairman of the Mart Stam Society: “What we saw and heard seems to reflect what is currently moving the generation of 20 to 30-year-olds. The
The spectrum of themes ranges from the exploration and productive artistic processing of one’s own state of mind – such as the confrontation with dreams and fears, body shame or exclusion due to mental illness. or exclusion due to mental illness – to the offensive confrontation with everyday racism or with urban development that ignores people’s needs”. Even the works of the prize-winners, which at first glance merely reflected individual sensitivities, turned out to be highly political, said Stefan Koppelkamm.

The members of the jury for the Mart Stam Prize 2022 were:
Dr. Claudia Banz, Curator at the Museum of Decorative Arts Berlin
Dominic Eger Domingos, product designer, Mart Stam Prize winner 2020
Prof. Kerstin Gottschalk, artist, Goethe University Frankfurt
Dr. Andreas Schalhorn, Curator at the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin
Prof. Stefan Koppelkamm, Chairman of the Board of the Mart Stam Society
Dr. Angelika Richter, Rector of weißensee kunsthochschule berlin


Thursday, 03. November 2022


Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin
Bühringstraße 20
13086 Berlin

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