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Toolbox Berlin: Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others | 31.03.–22.04.2023

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Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others is the second multidisciplinary collaboration between visual artist Antero Kahila and poet-musician Kirsi Poutanen for Toolbox Gallery. Their previous project explored how the contemporary individual experiences meaning and the possibilities it opens up. In the new work, the themes are insecurity, disintegration and loneliness. Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others consists of a 2-channel sound installation by Poutanen and Kahila’s thematically related paintings of clothes and faces.

Image above: Rose Garden, 2023, Antero Kahila, Öl auf Baumwolle, 270 x 200 cm

Antero Kahila is an acclaimed and award-winning visual artist and painter from Finland. The thematic focus of his recent paintings is on being human and the human condition, which he approaches through the depiction of skin, bodies, faces, textiles, clothing and membranes. These elements function as interfaces between the identity-forming subject and the world, between the subject and the other. The space in Kahila’s paintings is often a kind of reduced stage that allows the depiction of the desired function, gesture or action. Humanity as it appears in Kahila’s art is often fragile, vulnerable, yet oriented towards consciousness in a very distinctive way.

Kirsi Poutanen is a very versatile artist and well-known singer, musician and poet from Finland. She has also worked as an actress and performer, as well as a script writer for the stage. Poutanen developed her sound installation by closely aligning her creative work with Kahila’s painting process. The installation reflects the thematic world of the paintings, while it can also be heard as a stand-alone soundscape in the gallery space.

Kahila and Poutanen’s Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others is a complex and multi-sensory project that can be viewed from many angles, including insecurity, fear of exclusion and loneliness.


Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding


Opening: Friday, 31 March at 7 pm

Opening hours: Wed, Fri , Sat 3-7 pm and Thu 4-8pm

Colony Weekend: Fri 31.03.2023: 7-10 pm , Sun 02.04.2023, 2-6 pm

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