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Underground MoMA in the Vestibule of the U9 U-Bundesplatz | 14.04.-16.04.2023

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Art goes underground! For 48 hours, works by students and alumni of the University of the Arts and the Weißensee School of Art from the genres of painting, drawing and print will be shown in the Bundesplatz underground station (U9).

Image above: Vorhalle U9, Nina Plášková, 2023

„The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)” in New York City is known for one of the most bombastic, influential and controversial collections of modern art. For 48 hours, students and former students of the two Berlin art academies (Universität der Künste Berlin and kunsthochschule weißensee berlin) will exhibit a selection of their current paintings, drawings and prints.

DEEDS NEWS - Melina Matzanke - bread connection, 2019
Melina Matzanke, “bread connection”, 2019

In Underground MoMA, the works of around 30 artists will be drawn into the underground of Berlin. This happening will be accompanied by music, a food intervention and an experimental presentation of the MoMA archive and its history of creation, which thereby will be critically questioned.

No need to fly to New York, just take the U9!

DEEDS NEWS - Nina Plásková - Dialog der Eingelegten, 2022
Nina Plášková, “Dialog der Eingelegten”, 2022


Nina Plášková, Melina Matzanke, Vincent Hüdepohl

Artistic positions:

Anna-Maria Podlacha, Boris Dewjatkin, Caroline Steinke, Christopher Krause, Clara Vastano, Dimitri Ilko, Eileen Helm, Ferdinand Dölberg, Georg Vierbuchen, Gema Gubianas Blanes, Hannes Berwing, Jascha Froh, Julius Voigt, Karim Hussein, Kristian Jørgensen, Leo Rhian, Lilli Falozi, Livia Rauch, Lor Wilkomm, Lunita-July Dorn, Maike Mathilde Siebels, Magnus Krüger, Marie Salcedo Horn, Marthe Howitz, Mel Matzanke, Mengna Tan, Nina Plášková, Noah Lübbe, Shira Orion, Thomas Korn, Valentin Schade, Vincent Hüdepohl, Yunsun Kim


Vorhalle der U9 U-Bundesplatz


Open around the clock:
Friday, 14 April – Sunday, 16 April 2023

Friday, 14 April 2023:
Soft Opening from 5 pm with Frank L.A. and IT’S T.RICKY & FRANK.

Saturday, 15 April 2023:
bread – butter – pickles. Interactive food installation from 5 pm by Mel Matzanke.

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