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You don’t buy art?! Are you all mad?

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According to the current “The Art Market Report 2019”, Germans dropped from 5th place to 6th place in the world in 2018 when it comes to buying art. Now 6th place still doesn’t sound so bad. If you look at the absolute market shares, however, they are just about 1%. The British come in at 21%, and even the French are six times more committed to buying art than the Germans.

Why is it that the land of poets and thinkers is so weak here? It cannot be because of money. 10% of the population call a fortune of over 640.000 EUR their own and 40% still bring it to over 100.000 EUR. With a fraction of such assets, wonderful works could already be acquired.

Are we perhaps setting the priorities wrong? Why does it drive thousands of people to the gallery quarters on days like Gallery Weekend, and why not every other weekend as well? The entrance fee to the galleries is the same – none (0 EUR) – and the offer is always at a high level. Are there any fears of threshold changes among art lovers? And if so, why? Do gallery owners create an appearance of aloofness? Is the art scene too intellectual or supposedly too elitist? Questions about questions to which DEEDS will devote itself and get to the bottom of them.

Because there’s a lot at stake. It’s about a whole generation of young artists, but also about young gallery owners who are looking into a gloomy future if we don’t reverse the trend here. Even darker, at least that’s our opinion, are the unforeseeable social consequences. Fight with us for art and take an active part in the discourse, for example by making a statement right now (see below). The title of issue no. 3 of the art newspaper DEEDS.NEWS for the Gallery Weekend 2019 already includes this relevant topic.


Art is so important to us as individuals and to our society in general that it is more than worth fighting for it. Because art brings out the best in us. It opens a window into a new world. Or as Picasso said: “Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.

What important functions does art fulfil?

Creativity and the creation of art is human

The creation of art is a characteristic of man. It is the source of his creativity. It is said that machines, especially AI (artificial intelligence), are not able to be creative independently. AI can access gigantic databases with innumerable information and calculate the essence of art, literature, music, etc. in a kind of cross-section in order to create independent works. But not create them on their own. If this is true, the creation of art is our distinguishing feature from humans to machines.

Art reflects society

Art is created on the basis of experiences, experiences in a certain time. It reflects personal impressions and experiences, shows moods and tendencies, attitudes and reasons for the progress of history.

Art as a time machine

Art is created on the basis of experiences, experiences in a certain period of time, but these last longer. Art thus forms connections between people in the present and enables bridges into the past. Art defines and creates our being, shows who we are at the moment, where we stand as society, where we came from and how we want to live in the future.

Expanding the world beyond reality

Creativity transcends the limits of our reality with the help of imagination. It creates worlds beyond our horizon of experience and thus makes new developments possible.

Art – an intercultural means of communication

Art is a medium that needs no words. It has its own language that functions independently of spoken languages. Its immanent messages are conveyed visually and become comprehensible by triggering sensations in the viewer.

One artwork – one position?

Art teaches us to take up a position, to represent it, to defend it and to argue about it. It also teaches us to recognize and accept that there are many different positions. The representation of these different positions provides the basis for constructive confrontations with intercultural opinions and points of view. This can result in a readjustment of one’s own attitude.

Art as Sandbox

Art is an end in itself. It does not have to be meaningful or meet with understanding. Perhaps times are simply not yet ready and it will take generations before the attitude for understanding is in place. Art opens up possibilities for experimentation. This may take place in a free space, it does not necessarily have to refer to what exists.

Art as a fun factor

Creating art can be fun. Consuming art can give pleasure. Let us recognize that it is a legitimate part of the manifold emotions associated with art: Astonishment, admiration, reverence, mockery, disdain, recognition, rejection, anger, grief, amusement, joy, reflection, inspiration, etc.

Art as a market

Art creates an independent market and a gigantic economic cycle. It creates countless jobs in the various areas of society. Artists, gallery owners, art dealers, suppliers, logisticians, auction houses, museums, archives, art publishers, etc.

Art as a store of knowledge

Without the use of language, art succeeds in transporting and conveying experiences, sensations, emotions, values, etc. over centuries.

Art and aesthetics (by hanus)

When I look at an aesthetic work of art, it charges me with positive energy. The joy of the artists’ skills and the harmony of design fill me.

Art is inspiration (by Fräulein Kunst)

It is something unique for me to be able to immerse myself in the world of the artist’s thoughts through the sight of a work of art. It is like a relay race. The artist gives his inspiration (the pictorial baton) to me and I carry it on. I tell others about it, or let myself be inspired for my own work.

We cordially invite you to share your personal important function of art with us. Send it to us at post@artatberlin.com and we will publish your statement here in the article, stating your name or nickname.

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