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Menstrualities. Strong statements on self-empowerment. Artistic positions + supporting programme at the Alte Münze | 29.09.-15.10.2022

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From 29 September 2022 the exhibition Menstrualities presents works by 25 artists and collectives brought together in an impressive assemblage of video, CGI, photography, sound works, performance, sculpture and site-specific installations on 2.500 m² in the historic production halls of the Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte. Accompanied by a diverse programme that expands the exhibition in the form of performances, panel discussions, film screenings and concerts.

Image above: Charlotte J Ward, BLOOD IN WATER 6, digital colour photograph, 2021 © Charlotte J Ward

Mit Menstrualities soll ein Bewusstsein für die Menstruation als ein Phänomen geschaffen werden, das über die Geschlechterbinaritäten und -grenzen hinausgeht: Die Eindringlichkeit, die von der künstlerischen Forschung ausgeht, verdeutlicht die sozialen, kulturellen und politischen Verschränkungen zum Themenspektrum rund um den Zyklus.

DEEDS NEWS - Stacie Ant, Pool Side (film still from Basic Bitch Instinct, 2019. One-channel-video (HD), 1’00”, CGI sound, 169
Stacie Ant, Pool Side (film still from Basic Bitch Instinct), character Nastia in another scenario. Basic Bitch Instinct (2019) one-channel-video (HD), 1’00”, CGI sound, 16:9 © Stacie Ant

Works can be experienced that tell of contemporary oracles and ancient wisdom, from decolonial social media activism to eco- and xenofeminism and take a stand on these. And which shake up the discourse on the aesthetic representation around the menstrual cycle as well as the overall social structures in which it is embedded. In favour of an ecological balance that considers a radical change in politics to be necessary. Because, as pointed out on the United Nations International Women’s Day 2019, the stigma and stereotypes regarding menstruation entail serious implications for the human rights of women*. Beyond discursive reflections, the exhibition project therefore also addresses real political facts surrounding menstrual perception from a frighteningly unseen perspective: that of those affected.

Artistic positions:

Stacie Ant, Ieva Balode, Taïs Bean, CENEx, Juliette Collas, Sakeema Crook, Parker Day, Karin Ferrari, Ellebasi Gebhardt, Gery Georgieva, Friedemann Heckel, Oliver Holyoake, Halea Isabelle Kala, Keiken, Rike Kreyenborg, Salomé Lubczanski, Virginia Lupu, Marina Marković, Zoë Claire Miller, Naomi Moonlion, Phuong Linh Nguyen, Lea Petříková, Chris Phillips, Tabita Rezaire, Nataša Prosenc Stearns, Terre Thaemlitz, Ryan Vautier, Charlotte J Ward, Lily Wittenburg

Framework programme with participation by: 

Taïs Bean (freelance artist, Paris/London), Martin Beck (philosopher, Berlin University of the Arts), Heart Chor (Transcosmic Performance Collective, Berlin), Zahava Mandelbaum & Charlotte J Ward (Menstrual Cycle Awareness, London), Pornceptual (artist collective, Berlin), Pyramid Party (drag ritual, Berlin), Seahorse: The Pregnant Man (documentary, UK), Jaezz. T (musician, Berlin), Caique Tizzi (food artist, Berlin/Sao Paolo), The Yonis (performance collective, Bern/London), The Darvish (performance artist, Syria/Berlin), and many more.

Curated by:

Transition Institute, Direction: Halea Isabelle Kala; curatorial research: Ulrike Gerhardt

DEEDS NEWS - Zoe Claire Miller, Reproductive System in Crimson, glazed stoneware, sterling silver, 2020
Zoë Claire Miller, Reproductive Justice (in Lavender), glazed stoneware, sterling silver, installed at PSM, Berlin, 2020 © Photo: Marjorie Plaza Brunet

Why make art about menstruation again today?

Last but not least, menstruation is an art-historical topos that has fundamentally characterised the international second wave of feminist art and practice. Currently, social media-savvy and LGBTQI+ artists and activists of a post-1989 generation are revisiting and disrupting this theme: they are interested in the definition and shape of yet unknown, cross-gender menstrualities, in non-binary, trans*-inclusive, queer and intersectional perspectives on the body, gender and evolution, in the (post-)digital, post-human and cognitive-capitalist age. For the intrinsic connection between pleasure, resistance and disgust, for post-pornographic quantum sexuality, and for alliances, friendships and kinships beyond biological motherhood and parenthood.

DEEDS NEWS - Keiken, Ryan Vautier & Sakeema Crook, Metaverse We are at the end of something, 2020, single channel (film still), sound by Wavesovspace
Keiken, Ryan Vautier & Sakeema Crook, Metaverse: We are at the end of something, 2020, single channel (film still). Sound by Wavesovspace © Keiken

Accompanied by a publication (the Dis-Guidebook) and a dense programme of accompanying and educational events, Menstrualities is the must-experience exhibition in Berlin’s autumn art season.


Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin


Opening: Thursday, 29 September 2022, 6:00 pm to midnight

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 29 September to Saturday, 15 October 2022

Open daily 1:00 to 8:00 pm


EUR 10 / reduced EUR 5

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