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Galerie neurotitan shows the group exhibition FEVER | 19.11.-10.12.2022

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Galerie neurotitan invites you to the first exhibition of the artist collective Ways of Knowing in Germany: Fever presents the multifaceted combination of emotion and body, the complexity and sensuality of which can only be expressed through artistic expressiveness. 

Image above: Jo Hislop Eat, Drink, Kiss, Spit, Scream  Risograph Print  2022

In 2021, the four artists Jo Hislop (UK), Dominik Fleischmann (DE), celine s diaz (COL/DE) and Sidonie Ronfard (FR) joined forces in Helsinki and have since been working on an artistic exchange about the body in sensory connection with our environment.

Under the term fever and with its multiple interpretations, the four artists link their latest works: they draw a map of sensations that articulate the feeling body, be it in contact with other beings, other people, with oneself or with nature.

DEEDS NEWS Galerie neurotitan FEVER 1
celine s diaz Reciting a poem into a tidepool Photograph  2022

While the first reading of the term fever is in direct relation to our bodies, the exhibition runs through a variety of deeper meanings: Firstly, the direct impact on the senses of how a fever affects us. On the other, the ambiguity of the noun itself, which refers to the sensuality of our bodily landscape, as a place where worlds intertwine. On another level, fever signals a need that calls for healing, or symbolises a fever-induced form of illusion through which we perceive ourselves in relation to others.

Through installations of photography, sound art and moving image, the artists convey their individual universes that speak of the collective experience we share and that inextricably link us.


Vernissage: Saturday, 19 November 2022, 7 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 19 November – Saturday, 10 December 2022


Galerie neurotitan
Rosenthaler Str. 39
10178 Berlin

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