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New catalogue by Peer Kriesel – Kickstarter campaign launched

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Galerie Martin Mertens presents the Kickstarter campaign launched today by our artist Peer Kriesel. For several years, Peer has been working with overpaintings, from which a number of remarkable works have emerged so far. Now he wants to create a book specifically on this group of works.

Photo above: Peer Kriesel shows one of his works

To make this project possible, he has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

DEEDS NEWS - Courtesy galerie Martin Mertens - Peer Kriesel 1
Cover of the book by Peer Kriesel

The gallery invites all fans of Peer Kriesel to support him.

DEEDS NEWS - Courtesy galerie Martin Mertens - Peer Kriesel 2
A look inside the book

The artist has come up with great prizes for his supporters, which will be distributed after the campaign is over. Among them is a limited Early Bird offer that includes a catalogue and an original drawing.

Click here to go to the campaign

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