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SCOTTY Berlin: SUGAR & SPICE | 01.04.–06.05.2023

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The Berlin project space SCOTTY opens the exhibition SUGAR AND SPICE on Friday, 31 March 2023. The exhibition curated by Bettina Weiß shows 37 positions of contemporary painting.

Image above: courtesy of SCOTTY

No fear of painting
Painting goes beyond the frame. It holds a power that reaches far beyond the boundaries of the painting into the room – and into the world. It is a power that can cause fear, irritation and resistance, and bring well-being and healing. It is located between departure and tradition, it is colour, sound and form, which the material becomes and as which we resonate, as painters as well as viewers. It is formative, agitational, ordering, disturbing, strong.
These inherent powers of painting do not depend on whether it is figurative or abstract, monochrome or polychromatic, whether the paintings were created in our times or 30,000 years ago as cave paintings. They are energies that emanate from painting and at the same time dominate painting itself: superpowers. They are journeys in time, capturing the past and anticipating the future, revealing the invisible. Painting is gift and poison, gift and poisoning at the same time: “Sugar and Spice”, full of passion, spice and sweetness. A power that is fed, among other things, by the fact that painting is created out of nothing, obeying an inner mandate, a trust in the material that rests in the primal trust in its own rules and laws, in its very own gaze.
This passion, which is sharp and sweet in one, seductive and dangerous, which works in and with painting, is the title of the exhibition “SUGAR and SPICE” in the SCOTTY project space. The first exhibition in the series curated by Bettina Weiß will open on 31.03.2023 at 7 p.m. and close on 06.05.23. It shows works by 37 artists whose juxtapositions and collaborations give rise to frictions, refusals, references and cooperations that, in short, open up a power space of painting.

Text Anna Krewani

37 x painting

Yvonne Andreini, Sabine Banovic, Carl Baratta, Darren O´Brien, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Joanna Buchowska, DAG, Jasmina Danowski, Ulrike Dornis, Franziska Goes, Jesse Farber, Undine Goldberg, Johanna Hochholzer, Jasmine Justice, Mikko Kallio, Heike Kelter, Frank Maier, Daniel Mohr, Moritz Neuhoff, Patti Oleon, Justine Otto, Mirka Raito, Hannah Rath,  Gabriele Regiert, Lucas Reiner, Matthias Reinmuth, Kerstin Serz, Max Presneill, Daniela Trixl, Maik Schierloh, Eva Schwab, Peter Scior, Zuzanna Skiba, Carlos Silva, Anke Völk, Marco Wachsmuth, Daniel Wiesenfeld, kuratiert von Bettina Weiß


SCOTTY Space for Contemporary Art and Experimental Media, e.V.

Oranienstrasse 46
10969 Berlin


Opening: Friday, 31 March 2023 7 – 10 pm
Exhibition: Saturday, 1 April – Thursday, 6 May 2023

Thu-Fri 15-19 h
Sat 14-18 h

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