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Architecture Week Basel – Hidden Spaces: Opportunities for the Future | 07.09.-13.09.2024

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The second edition of Architecture Week Basel is dedicated to the transformation and activation of hidden spaces under the title ‘Hidden Spaces: Opportunities for the Future’ – because the invisible is not cared for in the same way as the visible. The invisible includes diverse networks and infrastructures such as watercourses and reservoirs, the production of food and energy, our waste, our data, administrative and social boundaries and, last but not least, our history. All of these are important parameters that determine our current and future presence in the city and countryside – because hidden spaces offer opportunities for the future.

Fig. above: Basement car park Leimgrube RESERVOIR Dreispitz Areal Basel; Photo: Sarah Basar

AWB’24 offers seven days of exhibitions and guided tours, discussions and a film programme, presentations and a pop-up shop for new architecture books. Its aim is to understand the invisible forces in our built environment and to use them as tools for a reorientation of architecture.

Changing and repurposing existing buildings and structures takes time. A rethink and a new view of what is valuable are essential. Sustainable conceptual decisions are the key to reducing the serious environmental impact of construction. This is why there needs to be a change in awareness when dealing with what is available. The AWB’24 wants to achieve a social and cultural impact. It advocates a new restraint in building and ecological solutions in order to overcome the current inflexibility of architecture.

Basement car park Leimgrube RESERVOIR Dreispitz Areal Basel. Photo Sarah Basar.

During AWB’24, the focus will be on a multi-storey car park on the Dreispitz site with its underground water reservoir. From 7 to 13 September, visitors will be able to experience spatial, cultural and social interventions and installations alongside the everyday use of the RESERVOIR. The jury selected ‘Resonance’ as the winning project from 161 submissions. Three architects and one artist – Marcel Arndt, Tim Berresheim, Wiebke Schlüter and Wolfgang Zeh – proposed a sound installation. The building becomes an echo chamber of ideas by listening to the reservoir and its visitors and amplifying these encounters. The sensitive handling of the building and the theme of transformation through sound fit perfectly into the context of the Architecture Week Basel 2024. The Open Call and the intervention with its accompanying events are supported by the Christoph Merian Foundation.


Saturday, 07 September – Friday, 13 September 2024


Leimgrube car park
Leimgrubenweg 13
CH 4053 Basel

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