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Seafoam Tangle. Sculptures by Miriam Lenk at Zagreus Projekt Berlin | 25.02.-25.04.2022

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On 25 February 2022, the exhibition “Meerschaum-Gewoge” (Seafoam Tangles / Seafoam Ripples) with sculptures and ceramics by the artist Miriam Lenk will open at Zagreus Projekt in Berlin-Mitte. As usual, the exhibition will be accompanied by a menu that is always prepared by chef and gallery owner Ulrich Krauss in consultation and creation with the respective artists. Miriam Lenk and Ulrich Kraus join forces for this opulent feast, which you can partake in during the month of March. The exhibition can be visited by appointment at any time during its duration.

In the “Meerschaum-Gewoge”, the gallery is transformed into a mixture of coral reef and baroque cave. The front wall of the room is dominated by an altar-like installation and Octopussy floats from the ceiling above the table. There it ripples on in the form of baroque plates and goblets, ceramics by the artist that seem to have broken free from her sculptures.

DEEDS NEWS - Meerschaumgewoge - Miriam Lenk - Zagreus Projekt Maerz 2022 - 3
Keramiken von Miriam Lenk

Ulrich Krauss takes up the theme of the wave in the menu. It bears the title “fließen – schütten – legen” (flow – pour – lay). The floral-maritime menu served in Miriam Lenk’s ceramics is a sequence of dishes of different consistencies and colours that are placed or poured into the baroque-looking plates and goblets.

The centre of Miriam Lenk‘s work is a female archetype: large and magnificent, expansive and dominant. This archetype does not stand in isolation, but is part of a natural process that we cannot control, the experience of which gives us an inkling of the dimension of the overall cosmic structure that transcends all human imagination. Her sculptures stand for a polytheistic, sensual counterculture after the battle of the sexes: post-patriarchal and post-feminist. Female sexuality no longer needs to be denied, it is ideally enjoyed and celebrated without purpose.

DEEDS NEWS - Meerschaumgewoge - Miriam Lenk - Zagreus Projekt Maerz 2022 - 2
Weiblich-barocke Skulpturen von Miriam Lenk

Zagreus project works at the interface of gallery and gastronomic institution. Chef and gallery owner Ulrich Krauss organises exhibitions with the overriding theme of food in the broadest sense and a consistent variation on gastronomic concepts. In cooperation with the respective artists, various possibilities of food preparation, presentation and consumption are developed. The presentation of food ranges from old recipes and traditional gastronomic methods to experimental demonstrations. The basis is always the high quality of the food.


Opening: Friday, 25 February 2022, 6 p.m., free of charge and without reservation

Exhibition dates: Friday, 25th February 2022 – Monday, 25th April 2022, by arrangement


Zagreus Projekt, Brunnenstraße 9a, 10119 Berlin-Mitte (go through to the 2nd backyard, then left)

Menu dates:

Tuesday, 1 March 2022 at 7:00 pm
Saturday, 5 March 2022 at 7:00 pm
Tuesday, 8 March 2022 at 7:00 pm
Friday, 11 March 2022 at 7:00 pm

Further dates will follow or can be booked on request from a certain number of people.

Reservation for menu and visit to the exhibition from 26 February:

info@zagreus-berlin.net, Tel. +49 30 28095640

further information: miriamlenk@gmx.de, Tel. +49 16097004684

COVID-19 rules for the events: 
Proof of 2G+ (vaccinated or recovered as well as daily negative Covid test or proof of booster vaccination).


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