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ÜBERSCHAU #02: Jonathan Meese, Peter Doherty and more Contemporary Art from Berlin Galleries | CSR Contemporary Show Room | 27.05.-25.06.2022

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With artists such as Jonathan Meese, Peter Doherty and Baselitz master student Caro Stark, ÜBERSCHAU #02 continues the successful exhibition series in the CSR CONTEMPORARY SHOW ROOM on Friedrichstraße. The second part of the survey exhibition shows works by 25 artists from nine countries, represented by eleven Berlin galleries. Contemporary art from painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and conceptual art is on display. ÜBERSCHAU #02 offers an extract of the art currently being shown in Berlin galleries. The exhibition opens with a vernissage on 27.05.2022 (19-22 hrs). The experimental exhibition format aims to create more enthusiasm for contemporary art and increase its visibility. From the end of April to the end of September 2022, the temporary art project initiated by the non-profit DEEDS.LAB will present changing exhibitions in the 400 m² exhibition space in QUARTIER 205.

Image above: Set up of ÜBERSCHAU #02 in CSR, left: Sculpture and painting by Jonathan Meese, Galerie Michael Haas, right: Painting on textile y Caro Stark, Galerie mutare

ÜBERSCHAU #02 brings together international art by 25 contemporary artists from China, Germany, England, Israel, Japan, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine and Turkey. Ten established and in part internationally active Berlin galleries from various districts represent these artists, whose works are shown there in solo and group exhibitions. ÜBERSCHAU #02 wants to arouse curiosity about these exhibitions and encourage visitors to visit the galleries. To this end, CSR shows art away from the classic Berlin gallery quarters, right in the heart of the city. Aimed at a mixed audience of long-time art enthusiasts and people not yet gripped by the passion for art.

DEEDS NEWS - UEBERSCHAU 02 - Set up - Galerie Dittmar Mona Breede - Horst Schaefer
Set up of ÜBERSCHAU #02 at CSR, Photography by Mona Breede (left) and Horst Schäfer (right), Galerie Dittmar

The initiator and operator of the CSR CONTEMPORARY SHOW ROOM is the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin. Its aim is to make contemporary art and the work of its producers and galleries visible in a supportive way, to reduce threshold fears and to get more people excited about contemporary art. With the CSR, DEEDS.LAB wants to test new concepts and formats that make people curious about art, make art education more attractive, create space for discourse and promote social interaction. To this end, DEEDS.LAB has planned various events at the CSR over the next few months. DEEDS.LAB is supported by the Berlin art exhibition portal ART@Berlin (www.artatberlin.com).

DEEDS NEWS - UEBERSCHAU 02 - Set up - janinebeangallery Peter Doherty Hut
Set up of ÜBERSCHAU #02 in the CSR, preparation of the installation on Peter Doherty, janinebeangallery

Participating artists ÜBERSCHAU #02: Süheyla Asci (*1961 Kars, TUR / Malerei), Konstantin Bayer (*1983 Gotha, DEU / Konzeptkunst, Textil), Georg Brandner (*1956 Leoben, AUT / Malerei), Mona Breede (*1968 Kiel, DEU / Fotografie), Katrin Bremermann (*1965 Bremen, DEU / Malerei), Peter Doherty (*1979 Hexham, GBR / Malerei, Mixed Media), Pius Fox (*1983 Berlin, DEU / Malerei), Mehmet Güler (*1944 Malatya, TUR / Malerei), Li Xiang aka GULU (*1983 CHN / Fotografie), Darko Lesjak (*1966 Slovenj Gradec, SVN / Malerei), Jonathan Meese (*1970 Tokyo, JPN, DEU / Malerei, Skulptur), Vitaly Medvedovsky (*1981 Kharkov, UKR / Malerei), Martin Mohr (*1973 Mainz, DEU / Malerei), Robert Muntean (*1982 Leoben, AUT / Malerei), Zhang Ruo (*1982, Hebei Provinz, CHN / Skulptur), Horst Schäfer (*1932 Bruchertseifen, Westerwald, DEU / Fotografie), Guido Schulz (*1960 Neustadt an der Weinstraße, DEU / Fotografie), Paul Schwietzke (*1952 Düsseldorf, DEU / Malerei), Caro Stark (*1961 Stuttgart, DEU / Malerei, Skulptur), Martin Stommel (*1969 Bonn, DEU / Malerei), Jürgen Tenz (*1942 Berlin, † 2021 Berlin, DEU / Malerei, Radierung, Hochdruck), Luo Yang (*1984 Liaoning Provinz, CHN / Fotografie), Lin Zhipeng aka No. 223 (*1979 Guangdong Provinz, CHN / Fotografie), Otto Zitko (*1959, Linz, AUT / Malerei), Sahar Zukerman (*1985 London, GBR, ISR / Malerei)

Participating galleries ÜBERSCHAU #02: CRONE Berlin/Wien (Charlottenburg), Galerie Dittmar (Mitte), EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin (Charlottenburg), Galerie Martin Mertens (Mitte), Galerie Michael Haas (Charlottenburg), janinebeangallery (Mitte), Galerie Kremers (Kreuzberg), Migrant Bird Space (Mitte), Galerie mutare (Charlottenburg), Galerie Sievi (Kreuzberg)

DEEDS NEWS - UEBERSCHAU 02 - Set up - Migrant Bird Space
Set up of ÜBERSCHAU #02 in the CSR, Migrant Bird Space

About DEEDS.LAB: Following the statement “To love art, you have to understand art”, the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin is working on formats for a more attractive way of communicating art. It wants to make the younger generation in particular curious about contemporary art. DEEDS.LAB sees an urgent need for formats with a new invitation and mediation culture to lower threshold fears and get more people excited about contemporary art. Art enthusiasts and young collectors must be found, interested, fascinated and built up in order to secure the existence of generations of future artists. In addition, DEEDS.LAB aims to promote artists and to exhibit and make visible contemporary art in the centre and public space of Berlin. In its exhibitions and events, the non-profit organisation enables, promotes and challenges discourse on art and its meaningfulness.

DEEDS NEWS - UEBERSCHAU 02 - Set up - janinebeangallery
Set up of ÜBERSCHAU #02 in the CSR, Peter Doherty (left), janinebeangallery

About CSR: CSR opens Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., at events until late. The exhibition series is flanked by vernissages, midissages and finissages, artist talks, lectures, panels and panel discussions. Guided tours through the exhibitions are planned in various languages. On site, visitors will be able to talk to artists in the context of events or deepen what they have seen with art books, art magazines and catalogues.

CSR Contemporary Show Room is made possible and supported by ART@Berlin, operator of various platforms for contemporary art (exhibition portal artatberlin.com, art newspaper deeds.news, art marketplace artcompass.berlin).


Friedrichstraße 67-70 (at Quartier 205 / front left facing the road)
10117 Berlin-Mitte


Opening: Friday, 27.05.2022
5 – 7 pm (preview, by invitation only)
7 – 10 pm (public vernissage)

Exhibition period: Tuesday, 24.05. until Saturday, 25.06.2022

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 8:00 pm (longer for events)

Social Media:
IG @contemporaryshowroom
FB @contemporaryshowroom
#csrart #contemporaryshowroom

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