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24h OFFEN – Humboldt Forum | 17./18.09.2022

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On September 17th 2022, the Humboldt Forum invites you to a big 24-hour programme – from the Schlüterhof to the roof terrace. The occasion is the now complete opening of the Humboldt Forum, which will focus on the new exhibitions of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art as well as the Humboldt Forum Foundation. In guided tours, discussions, performances and many other formats, international experts and curators will provide personal, in-depth insights into the presentations. The opening will be celebrated throughout the night with the Sauer Power Club Night by the artist collective Slavs and Tatars in the Schlüterhof. The more than 100 programmes can all be attended free of charge and without registration.

Image above: Key visual for the opening of the Ostspange, © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss; Getty Images / Black Brush, Henrik Sorensen, MaximusFoto, Tara Moore, Paloma Rincon Studio

With the opening of the East Wing, all collection presentations of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art of the National Museums in Berlin as well as five new temporary exhibition spaces in the Humboldt Forum are finally fully open. With around 20,000 exhibits on 16,000 square metres, they provide an overview of the world’s art and cultures spanning epochs and continents.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of SMB und Stiftung Humboldt Forum - Diskurs Jitdam Kapeel - Foto Stefanie Loos
Discourse Jitdam Kapeel with live broadcast Majuro – Berlin on 02 April 2022. With students of Meitaka Kendall from the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) and international art students of Hannes Brunner from the Weißensee School of Art. © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Ethnologisches Museum/ Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss/ Photo: Stefanie Loos

The Humboldt Forum celebrates this opening with all visitors as well as international experts, artists and curators involved in the exhibitions. During the 24-hour opening, around 140 partners from countries such as Benin (Nigeria), Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Nagaland (India), Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Tanzania, the USA, Venezuela and Berlin’s urban society will offer complementary approaches and perspectives on the collections, their objects, their meaning and stories.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz - Johanna Ndahekelekwa Nghishiko und Julia Binter - Foto Axel Schmidt
Johanna Ndahekelekwa Nghishiko, restorer at the National Museum of Namibia (right) and provenance researcher Julia Binter (left) prepare the doll “Olugondo” (okanona) for its journey to Namibia. © Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz/ Photo: Axel Schmidt/ photothek

The 24-hour opening starts at noon on Saturday, September 17th, with more than 100 programme offerings, including discussions, workshops, augmented reality tours and performances. The discussion rounds with international partners will discuss topics such as restitution, the environment and sustainability, knowledge transfer and international cooperation. In the evening, there will be films, night tours of the collections and the Sauer Power club night by Slavs and Tatars with concerts and DJ sets – a mixture of Asian groove, Tatar pop culture, trance punk and breakbeats. Sunday morning begins with a communal sun salutation on the Spree Terrace and breakfast in the Schlüterhof and participation in further discussions. The events are accompanied by numerous gastronomic offerings and opportunities to relax.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Slavs and Tatars - Beispielbild für das Gurken - Foto Raimund Zakowski
Sample image for the Cucumber Microphone for the Sour Power club night of the Slavs and Tatars in the context of the East Wing opening, in the image the installation Open Mic, 2018, Plexiglas, digital print, LED lights, stainless steel, aluminium, 95 × 29 × 20 cm. Installation view at Kunstverein Hannover. © Slavs and Tatars/ Photo: Raimund Zakowski

The collections and exhibitions
Collections on North, Central and South America are presented, as well as the second part of the collection presentations on Asia and Africa with highlights such as the exhibition area on the global diversity of Islam, Khmer art or the life of things in the Amazon region with exhibits such as the Cotzumalhuapa stelae from Guatemala. Insights are also offered into the still ongoing process of critically reappraising the Berlin collection from the historical kingdom of Benin with the world-famous “bronzes”. In addition, temporary exhibitions deal, for example, with the cultures of the Naga in India and the Haida in Canada.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of SMB und NEEEU Spaces GmbH - 3D-Modell der Puti-Figur
3D model of the Puti figure © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / NEEEU Spaces GmbH

For many of the exhibition modules, we worked closely with international partners and members of the so-called societies of origin of the objects on display. Their involvement enables a reappraisal and presentation from different perspectives as well as a differentiated approach to the objects. The museums and the Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace not only present current, cooperative research on the objects. They invite visitors to discover new exhibition and mediation concepts and to engage with questions about the history of the collection as well as current postcolonial issues.

This critical reflection is also the theme of several events in the 24-hour programme. Visitors can put together their own programme, i.e. be guided individually through the Humboldt Forum for a day and a night, and actively contribute their own knowledge and perspectives in various formats.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Maximilian Pinno
© Maximilian Pinno

24-hour programme for the opening


  • in conversation with…
  • Looking up at the stars with…. Diana Guzmán, Orlando Villegas, Aloisio Cabalzar, Damiao Amaral Barbosa and Rogelino Azevedo
  • Round table with international partners
  • Learning for life
  • The future of things
  • Working together
  • Environment and resources


  • Sour Power Club Night with Slavs and Tatars
  • ECOEIN (opens the Sour Power Klubnacht, plays 2x Saturdays and 1 x Sundays in the Treppenhalle)
  • Konkonja / wild percussions, weird rhythms from Kazakhstan
  • Medieval Dreams / with Lubomir Grzelak – gregorian and hardcore
  • SUPERALISIA kitschy Tatar Pop with Alisa Khusainova from Kazan/ Tatarstan


  • Early Bird Tour with Lars-Christian Koch, Director of the Ethnological Museum and Museum of Asian Art
  • Climate Change Impacts in Oceania / Augmented Reality
  • Beyond the norm / Queer tour of the Ethnological Collections
  • Night Owl Tour / Hartmut Dorgerloh, Director General of the Humboldt Forum, leads a tour of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art
  • Cult House of the Abelam from Papua New Guinea / A hybrid group tour with augmented reality


  • The Seraph and the Oracle / Performance from inside a soft voluptuous feminine body with Selin Davasse from Istanbul
  • Monument After Piece / Performance by Ivana Ivković from Belgrade
  • Soaking Wet: Sunday Horror – Lecture Performanace by Bojan Stojčić and Hana Ćurak from Sarajevo
  • Perjalanan Tubuh Java / Dance Performance – space-filling installation with Rianto and Cahwati from Banyumas / Indonesia
  • It lies in public space – performance tour through the African Collections
  • Breakfast


  • Endless Loop 10:00 pm-6:00 am
  • Macucu Film Premiere and Film Talk

Workshops (LOCATION: Academy, Spreeterrassen)

  • Yoga in the morning
  • Embroidery and chatting
  • Listening to the forest Educational offer for the exhibition “Ts’uu – Cedar. Of trees and people”.
  • stillLEBEN / Drawing workshop
  • Transformers / Build your own transformable mask!

Detailed programme: humboldtforum.org/24h

One house, four actors: the polyphony is already inherent in the cooperation of the partners. At the Humboldt Forum, the Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation with the collections of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art of the National Museums in Berlin, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with the Humboldt Laboratory and the Stadtmuseum Berlin with the Berlin exhibition BERLIN GLOBAL.


Saturday, 17 September from noon until Sunday, 18 September at noon


Humboldt Forum
10178 Berlin-Mitte


Entrance free

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