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The world is falling apart – and we are in the middle of it: Immersive installation at the CLB | 04.11.-06.11.2022

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What would it be like to be part of a theatre production as an audience member? Where you can roam the stage set and experience text and soundscapes individually? This is made possible by the artists’ collective CyberRäuber, whose Theatre of Virtual Reality will be at the CLB Berlin on Moritzplatz from 4-6 November. The installation kicks off with a concert by Israeli composer Micha Kaplan.

Image above: Abbildung © CyberRäuber

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”: with these lines William Butler Yeats testified to his perception of the world in his poem The Second Coming in 1919. The First World War had just ended, the Spanish flu was raging worldwide. The poet describes the collapse of civilisation extraordinarily vividly and as a gloomy vision.

It was precisely this poem that the artists’ collective CyberRäuber, which has made a name for itself with groundbreaking works in virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the performing arts, chose as the content basis for their internet opera “Things fall apart” in 2021. Together with the composer Micha Kaplan, 3 musicians and 2 school classes in Germany and Ireland, the CyberRäuber staged an opera in digital space. The opera was streamed live once, via the website of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in April 2021. In the midst of a renewed pandemic, Yeats’ text experienced a reinterpretation that asked itself the following questions: What holds us together, what share do we individually bear in the state of things, what figures of light make everything right again?

The installation at the CLB Berlin is now the further development of this project.

Inspired by this timeless text and exclusively for this work, the Israeli composer Micha Kaplan has written music that – for the first time in this form – will be staged both as a live concert and as part of an innovative mixed reality installation. In the expansion and transformation of the real space through the combination of artificial intelligence and VR glasses, the visitors roam through a computer-generated image, sound and text landscape and thereby create a new perspective on this piece of world literature.

In this work, the CyberRäuber once again break new ground: together with powerful neural networks, they create a virtual, three-dimensional space in real space, a temporary, rhizomatic sculpture in the CLB that visitors experience and create together.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of CLB Berlin - CyberRäuber Björn Lengers und Marcel Karnapke
CyberRäuber Björn Lengers und Marcel Karnapke

Marcel Karnapke and Björn Lengers have formed the artist collective “CyberRäuber – Theatre of Virtual Reality” since 2016. They connect theatre with virtual space, bring – often together with other artists – digital and virtual worlds into theatre and theatre onto virtual stages. They explore new narrative possibilities and experiment with laser scans of complete stage sets, three-dimensional recordings of actors, real-time stage images, mobile applications on stage and artificial intelligence. (Source: https://www.deutschestheater.de/ensemble/cyberraeuber/)

Micha Kaplan is an Israeli composer, band leader, bassist and producer. The musician was born in Tel Aviv in 1975 and worked as a bass player in the alternative rock scene in Tel Aviv from the 90s. In 2000 Micha Kaplan moved to Berlin and began his double bass studies at the University of the Arts with Prof. R. Zepperitz. From 2000-2002 he was a member of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra under the direction of the celebrated conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim. Since 2005 Micha Kaplan has worked in various musical directions and projects as a bassist, composer or producer with Esther Ofarim, “NETANYA” “Ofrin”, “Mari Mana” and “Planningtorock”, among others. Since 2010 he has been composing and performing for the theatre, including Berliner Volksbühne, DT Berlin, Gorki, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Theater Neumarkt Zürich, Teatr Powszechny Warsaw, Hau Berlin.

CyberRäuber (Marcel Karnapke, Björn Lengers) – Artistic direction, VR concept and realisation, setting, video
Micha Kaplan – composition, musical direction
Dana Marbach – soprano
Merav Goldman – horn
Tom Kellner – cello

Dates & Tickets
04.11.22 at 20.30: Live concert with Micha Kaplan.
04.11.-06.11.22 VR Experiences for 8 people, approx. 25 minutes, language: English.
Tickets for 8,- Euro per slot online via Eventbrite or by email to: kontakt@clb-berlin.de

Fr. 04.11.22: 15.00-15.45 | 15.45-16.30 | 16.30-17.15 | 17.15-18.00 | 18.00-18.45 | 18.45-19.30 | 19.30-20.15 | Pause | 21.00 Live-Konzert & Bar.

Sa. 05.11.22: 15.00-15.45 | 15.45-16.30 | 16.30-17.15 | 17.15-18.00 | 18.00-18.45 | 18.45-19.30 | 19.30-20.15 | 20.15-21.00 | 21.00-21.45.

Su. 06.11.22: 15.00-15.45 | 15.45-16.30 | 16.30-17.15 | 17.15-18.00 | 18.00-18.45 | 18.45-19.30 | 19.30-20.15 | 20.15-21.00.

Supported by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.


Prinzenstraße 84.2 Eingang über
Oranienstraße, 10969 Berlin

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