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Three Doors | HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt | 05.11–30.12.2022

Editors’ Choice

Forensic Architecture/Forensis, Initiative 19 February Hanau, Initiative in memory of Oury Jalloh.

Image above: FA/Forensis/OGF, 2022. Archival image courtesy Koloniales Bildarchiv, Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt/Main, A-0ii-6966.

It has been almost three years since nine people were murdered in a racist terrorist attack in Hanau. Oury Jalloh burned to death in a police cell in Dessau almost eighteen years ago. The families and friends of the victims and the survivors are still fighting for accountability.

Doors are physical objects but also social contracts, they separate and connect different areas – state, public or private. The exhibition shows three investigations on one door each and highlights different aspects of racist violence in Germany: In Hanau it is the blocked emergency exit of the Arena Bar and the door of the perpetrator’s house, which the police insufficiently monitored. In Dessau it is the door of the police cell where Oury Jalloh burned to death. Open when they should have been locked and locked when they should have been unlocked – these doors embody the failure of social order. For a better understanding of the situations, the research reconstructs the larger context and points to the enduring and irritating relationship between racist perpetrators and state authorities in Germany.

Since its first presentation at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Three Doors has directly influenced the ongoing political, social and media responses to the Hanau terrorist attack. Now, with guided tours and an accompanying public programme, the exhibition focuses on the experiences of relatives, survivors and supporters to make their ongoing struggles visible and shine a light on deeply rooted racist structures in Germany – just a stone’s throw from the German Bundestag.

The exhibition Three Doors-Forensic Architecture/Forensis, Initiative 19 February Hanau, Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh was co-produced with the Frankfurter Kunstverein.


Bernd Scherer

German Colonial Genocide in Namibia and the Question of Reparations – an Ongoing Process
Wolfgang Kaleck

Presentation and Q&A
Preliminary results of the research carried out in the area around the Waterberg
Kambanda Veii, Agata Nguyen Chuong, Eyal Weizman



Video intervention
The development of a legal framework of reparations for colonialism as a unique crime
Joshua Castellino, with an introduction and comments by Sarah Imani

German Colonialism and Genocide: Pleas for and Negotiations of a Reparations Case
with Sima Luipert, Mutjinde Katjiua, Vepuka Kauari, Esther Utji Muinjangue, Mbakumua Hengari, moderated by John Nakuta


Saturday, 5 November until Friday, 30 December 2022


Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin-Tiergarten

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