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ÜBERSCHAU #06 FIGURATIV: Figurative Painting, Sculpture and Photography in the CSR Contemporary Show Room | 15.11.-03.12.2022

Editors’ Choice

With works by Solveig K. Bolduan, Christian Brox, Rómulo Celdrán, Sabina Grzimek, Oz John, Beate M. Kircherer, Oskar Manigk and Paul Reimert, among others, ÜBERSCHAU #06 continues the exhibition series in the CONTEMPORARY SHOW ROOM (CSR). The sixth part of the survey exhibition shows works by 16 artists from seven countries in the Friedrichstraße. Figurative works from the genres of contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media are presented. ÜBERSCHAU #06 opens with a public vernissage on Friday, 18 November 2022 from 7 to 10 pm. On 25 November a public midissage takes place from 7 pm.

Image above: Exhibition view ÜBERSCHAU #06, Romulo Celdran (represented by BBA Gallery) Photo: ART@Berlin.

ÜBERSCHAU #06 focuses on the figurative. Visitors will encounter works that mainly show people, but also animals and some plants. They appear photographed, painted, drawn or formed as sculptures. One of the highlights of the exhibition is the contemporary mosaic by the Dutch artist Paul Reimert, which consists of hundreds of shards and tiny porcelain collectible animals that have been artfully assembled into a life-size woman. Also impressive are the perfect, photo-realistic oil paintings by the Spanish artist Romulo Celdran, showing people of various ages absorbed in their smartphones. The pointed lighting design in the works, modelling the face out of the darkness, is reminiscent of old Dutch masters. Curiosity and longing drove the Berlin-based artist Inge H. Schmidt into the distance – to Tuva, Buryatia, through Siberia, Tajikistan and Xinjiang. Even though it sometimes seemed to her that she had reached the end of the world, she realised that it was always the encounters with people that touched her the most. Their faces, she says, are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for the artist. “Behind every head I paint, there is a story. I can’t stop ‘telling’ them”.

“Behind every head I paint, there is a story. I can’t stop ‘telling’ them”.

Inge H. Schmidt

Participating artists ÜBERSCHAU #06 FIGURATIV: Solveig K. Bolduan (*1958 Pritzwalk, DE / Sculpture), Christian Brox (*1971, DE / Photography), Rómulo Celdrán (*1973, ESP / Painting, Sculpture), Daniel & Geo Fuchs (*1966 & *1969 / Photography), Sabina Grzimek (*1942 Rom, ITA / Painting) Oz John (*1967, CAN / Photography), Beate M. Kircherer (*1946 Backnang † 2004 Berlin, DE / Painting /Drawing), Christiane Latendorf (*1968, DE / Painting), Oskar Manigk (*1934, Berlin, DE / Painting), Paul Reimert (*1954, Deventer, NLD † 2016 Berlin, DE  / Sculpture), Joanna Rusinek (*1979 Ostroleka, POL / Painting, Drawing), Inge H. Schmidt (*1952 Wiehe/Thüringen, DE, Painting),  Caro Stark (*1961 Stuttgart, DEU / Painting), Erika Stürmer-Alex (*1938, Wriezen, DE / Sculpture), Xianwei Zhu (*1971 Qingdao, CHN / Painting)

The experimental exhibition format at CSR.ART aims to create more openness and enthusiasm for contemporary art and increase its visibility. From the end of April to the end of December 2022, the temporary art project initiated by the non-profit DEEDS.LAB will present changing exhibitions in the 400 m² exhibition space in QUARTIER 205.

DEEDS NEWS Ueberschau 6 Figurativ - Solveig K Bolduan - Foto ART at Berlin Stephanie Schneider
Solveig K. Bolduan (represented by Galerie mutare), Infantin

ÜBERSCHAU #06 brings together international art by 16 contemporary artists from Spain, China, Germany, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands and Poland. Their works are shown in solo and group exhibitions. ÜBERSCHAU #06 FIGURATIV wants to arouse curiosity about these artists and encourage them to visit the gallery. To this end, CSR shows art away from the classic Berlin gallery quarters, in the heart of the city, and specifically to a mixed audience of long-time art enthusiasts and people not yet gripped by the passion for art.

The initiator and operator of the CSR CONTEMPORARY SHOW ROOM is the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin. Its aim is to make contemporary art and the work of its producers and gallery owners visible and supportive. It wants to reduce threshold fears and get more people excited about contemporary art. With the CSR, DEEDS.LAB tests new concepts and exhibition formats that arouse curiosity about art, make art education more attractive, create space for discourse and promote social interaction. To this end, DEEDS.LAB organises various events at the CSR. DEEDS.LAB is supported by the Berlin art exhibition portal ART@Berlin www.artatberlin.com.

DEEDS NEWS Ueberschau 6 Figurativ - Paul Reimert - Foto ART at Berlin Stephanie Schneider
Paul Reimert (represented by Galerie Sievi), Judith, Detail

About DEEDS.LAB: Following the statement “To love art, you have to understand art”, the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin is working on formats for a more attractive way of communicating art. It wants to make the younger generation in particular curious about contemporary art. DEEDS.LAB sees an urgent need for formats with a new invitation and mediation culture to lower threshold fears and get more people excited about contemporary art. Art enthusiasts and young collectors must be found, interested, fascinated and built up in order to secure the existence of generations of future artists. In addition, DEEDS.LAB aims to promote artists and to exhibit and make visible contemporary art in the centre and public space of Berlin. In its exhibitions and events, the non-profit organisation facilitates, promotes and challenges discourse on art and its meaningfulness.

DEEDS NEWS Ueberschau 6 Figurativ - Romulo Celdran -2 - Foto ART at Berlin Stephanie Schneider
Exhibition view ÜERSCHAU #06, Romulo Celdran (represented by BBA Gallery)

About CSR: Unlike traditional galleries, CSR opens Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm, longer during events. The exhibitions are accompanied by vernissages and finissages, artist talks, readings and panel discussions. Guided tours of the exhibitions are available in various languages. On site, visitors can talk to artists in the context of events or deepen what they have seen with art books, art magazines and catalogues.

CSR Contemporary Show Room is made possible and supported by ART@Berlin UG, operator of various platforms for contemporary art (artatberlin.com, deeds.news, deeds.world, artcompass.berlin).


Friedrichstraße 67-70 (in the Quartier 205 / front left to the road)
10117 Berlin-Mitte


Opening: Friday, 19 November 2022
5 – 7 pm (VIP preview, by invitation only)
7 – 10 pm (public vernissage)

Midissage: Friday, 25 November 2022
5 – 7 pm (VIP Receprion, by invitation only)
7 – 10 pm (public midissage)

Exhibition period: Tuesday, 15 November to Saturday, 03 December 2022

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10 am – 8 pm (longer during events)

IG @contemporaryshowroom
FB @contemporaryshowroom
#csrart #contemporaryshowroom

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