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COEXIST: Matinée and Panel Talk with Franziska Stünkel + Moritz Rinke at CSR.ART | 18.02.2023

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CSR.ART will host a matinée with panel talk between artist Franziska Stünkel and author Moritz Rinke on Saturday, 18 February 2023 from 12 to 3 pm. In the context of her exhibition COEXIST 2010-2022, the photographer and director Franziska Stünkel will talk with the playwright and novelist Moritz Rinke. The occasion for the conversation is Franziska Stünkel’s two current solo exhibitions at Galerie Jarmuschek + Partner (Potsdamer Straße 81), and at CSR.ART (Friedrichstraße 69).

Image above: The photographer Franziska Stünkel (Photo: China Hopson) and the author Moritz Rinke

Franziska Stünkel and Moritz Rinke talk to each other about the central theme of the exhibitions, COEXISTENCE, as well as artistic creative processes in photography and writing. Both have already met in a work: Franziska Stünkel’s feature film “Vineta” is based on the play “Republik Vineta” by Moritz Rinke. The conversation will be moderated by Kristian Jarmuschek of the gallery Jarmuschek + Partner.

COEXIST 2010-2022 with works by Franziska Stünkel at CSR.ART, February 2023

For thirteen years, Franziska Stünkel has been travelling with the Leica for her photo series COEXIST through Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia in search of natural reflections on shop windows that, in their condensation, tell of people living together. The photographic series Coexist shows her global search for peaceful coexistence.

Franziska Stünkel was born in Göttingen in 1973. After studying in the film class and in the photo art class at the Kunsthochschule Kassel as well as at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Hannover, she became a master student of Prof. Uwe Schrader. The photographs of the internationally awarded photo artist, film director and screenwriter Franziska Stünkel can be seen in museums, art institutions and galleries and are represented in art collections, including the collection of the Sprengel Museum. Among the awards for her photographic work are the Audi Art Award and the BerlinHyp Art Prize.


Friedrichstraße 67-70 (in Quartier 205 / front left to the street)
10117 Berlin-Mitte


Matinée + Artist Talk im CSR.ART
Saturday, 18. February 2023, noon – 3 pm


As part of the exhibition COEXIST 2010-2022, the artist Franziska Stünkel talks to the playwright and novelist Moritz Rinke about coexistence.

Registration requested / RSVP: To enable us to plan better, please register (by Fri, 17.02.2023, 18:00) by sending your name to rsvp@csr.art. The number of places is limited – first come, first served. We are looking forward to seeing you.

PS: We will provide additional seating for the talk. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a binding seat.

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