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All participating galleries + first artistic highlights | paper positions 2023

Editors’ Choice

The seventh edition of paper positions berlin is just around the corner. As always, the art fair around the theme of paper will take place parallel to Gallery Weekend Berlin from 27 to 30 April 2023.

Image above: paper positions 2018, Photo: Clara Wenzel Theiler

Here are the 56 international galleries from 11 countries that will participate in paper positions 2023 this year:

Galerie aKonzept. Berlin
Galerie Anita Beckers. Frankfurt am Main
Benhadj & Djilali Galerie. Berlin
Galerie Biesenbach. Köln
Bradwolff & Partners. Amsterdam
Galerie Commeter. Hamburg
Galerie Conrads. Berlin/Düsseldorf
DavisKlemmGallery. Wiesbaden
Galerie Horst Dietrich. Berlin
Kunsthandel Draheim. Eltville-Hattenheim
Drawing Room. Hamburg
Galerie Ricarda Fox. Mülheim an der Ruhr
Galerie Thomas Fuchs. Stuttgart
gray + gray gallery. Karlsruhe
Galerie J.J. Heckenhauer. München
Galerie Carolyn Heinz. Hamburg
Galerie Holthoff. Hamburg
Kang Contemporary. Berlin
Galerie Kellermann. Düsseldorf
Galerie Werner Klein. Köln
Bernhard Knaus Fine Art. Frankfurt am Main
Galerie Inga Kondeyne – Raum für Zeichnung. Berlin
Galerie Kremers. Berlin
Galerie Martin Kudlek. Köln/Brüssel
Kunkel Fine Art. München
Anna Laudel. Düsseldorf/Istanbul/Bodrum
Galerie Rudolf Leeb. Wien
Livingstone gallery. Den Hague
Galerie Gilla Lörcher | Contemporary Art. Berlin
Maksla XO. Riga
Galerie Martin Mertens. Berlin
mianki.Gallery. Berlin
Micheko Galerie. München
Migrant Bird Space. Berlin
Moving Gallery. Utrecht
Dr. Nöth kunsthandel + galerie. Ansbach/Potsdam
O Gallery. Teheran
Galerie Rupert Pfab. Düsseldorf
Galerie Nanna Preußners. Hamburg
Galerie Reinthaler. Wien
Thole Rotermund Kunsthandel. Hamburg
Mikiko Sato Gallery. Hamburg
Galerie Paul Scherzer. Halle
Semjon Contemporary. Berlin
TSEKH. Kyiv/Vilnius
Malte Uekermann Kunsthandel. Berlin
Galerie Watson. Hamburg
Wichtendahl Galerie. Berlin
galerie with tsjalling:. Groningen
X Vitamin. Belgrad

Selected artistic highlights of the paper positions

In Raha Khosroshahi‘s (*1997) work, shapes make suggestions of being something like a hairdryer, uterus or cake. Lines seem to join together to form circuits and yet any presumption of function is ultimately lost in the unknown. Deep red areas of colour surrounded by light sandy tones are reminiscent of hot lava digging through soil. Sugar icing and pools of blood, sweet and salty, technical and organic, threatening and safe all come impressively close together in Khosroshahi’s visual world. On view at the O Gallery stand.

DEEDS NEWS - paper positions 2023 - Raha Khosroshahi 2020 - O Gallery
Raha Khosroshahi, Untitled, 2020, Courtesy of O Gallery

Greg Colson (*1956), shown by Bradwolff & Partners, has a mischievous streak. With his humorous works, he draws attention to how doggedly we humans try to measure and gauge everything. In the form of statistics, tables and diagrams, the universe, opinions or growth are visualised in a seemingly tangible way. Colson takes a playful approach to the beauty and absurdity of the mania for measurement, consumption and the masses, sometimes abstracting, sometimes taking it to extremes.

DEEDS NEWS - paper positions 2023 - Greg Colson 2003 - Bradwolff Partners
Greg Colson, Black Metal 3, Courtesy of Bradwolff & Partners

Layers, cut-outs and coloured areas lend archaeological dimensions to the paper of Harald Kröner (*1962). A game of hiding and uncovering. Streams of brown ink cannot be stopped in their flow by the edges of collaged layers. A trickle meanders through the circumstances. Strips of pastel-coloured paper rise vertically like skyscrapers against a grey metropolitan sky. Kröner’s collages open up exciting thematic fields between Plattenbau and Plattentektonik. On view at Bernhard Knaus Fine Art.

DEEDS NEWS - paper positions 2023 - Harald Kroener 2022 - Bernhard Knaus Fine Art
Harald Kröner, k2069 30.11., Tusche und Collage auf Papier, 2022, Courtesy of Bernhard Knaus Fine Art.

With Ardan Özmenoğlu (*1979), lots of Post-its return to the Anna Laudel Galerie‘s exhibition booth. With his choice of Post-its, Özmenoğlu pays tribute to the everyday, to paper that is useful for remembrance. Many small ones make a strong whole. Her works usually refer to Turkish or international pop culture. The artist does not fight the curving nature of the Post-it, she leaves it as it is, creating a texture reminiscent of feathers or scales that lends the overall image an animal-like tactile component.

DEEDS NEWS - paper positions 2023 - Ardan Oezmenoglu 2021 - Anna Laudel Gallery - Photo Ardan Oezmenoglu
Ardan Özmenoğlu, Alles Wunderbar, Siebdruck auf Post-its, 2021, Courtesy of the artist and Anna Laudel Gallery. Foto: Ardan Özmenoğlu.

Professional Preview
Thu, 27. April 2023, 14 – 18 Uhr (only with VIP ticket)

Official Opening
Thu, 27. April 2023, 18 – 21 Uhr

Visitor days
Fri, 28. April 2023, 12 – 14 Uhr (only with VIP ticket)
Fri, 28. April 2023, 14 – 18 Uhr
Sat, 29. April 2023, 11 – 20 Uhr
Sun, 30. May 2023, 11 – 18 Uhr

Admission fee
Regular 18 € | Reduced 10 € | Opening 18 €

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Französische Straße 33 a-c
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Public Transport
U2: Hausvogteiplatz
U5/U6: Unter den Linden
Bus 147: Werderscher Markt

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