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Your Tails on Your Heads – Diskurs | 10.11.-01.12.2023

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Can you imagine yourself with a tail on top of your head, or can you imagine yourself with just a head and a tail? We take for granted things we involuntarily accept as truth, such as notions, history, science, stereotypes, and social order – all of which are defined by the mainstream. This is often not the truth. “Me,” “my body,” “my thoughts,” and “everything around me” can’t be simply categorized as true or false or defined by a single point of view. Heads and tails are furthest from the center of the body, yet they can still intersect, traversing understandings of reality and the periphery based on pluralism.

The seven artists in the exhibition “Your Tails on Your Heads” strive to move beyond the visible aspects of anthropocentric perspectives that originated from notions of dominant centers to embrace intangible possibilities, ideas, and phenomena. Through a variety of mediums, including performance, video, installation, and sound, the artists present new perspectives on the familiar physical world. They allow audiences to see into the lives of non-human beings: animals, nature, the universe, socio-political structures, capitalism, and hierarchies. At the same time, it gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of becoming a multidimensional being.

Live performance: I-Chieh Tsai
Iris exists as a voice beyond the phone only by those who believe they can buy the intimacy of new love. This is a live audio stream of Iris taking a shower, one of the many “she’s” in this industry.

– Hara Shin, Curator of Your Tails on Your Heads

With the artists Jessica Arseneau, Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya, Heyon Han, Leniko Sennoma, Bea Targosz, I-Chieh Tsai, Lisa Wintermantel.

Live performance: I-Chieh Tsai
Iris Live: Join me for a shower
Thursday, 9 November, 7 pm

Novalisstraße 7
10115 Berlin


Opening: Thursday, 9 November, 6-9 pm
Exhibition dates: Friday, 10 November – Friday, 1 December 2023
Wednesday – Friday 1-7 pm

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