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New special exhibition at the Günter Grass House brings momentum to Lübeck: GRASS TANZBAR | 28.03.2024-05.01.2025

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Günter Grass was not only a great word and visual artist, but also a passionate dancer. From March 28, 2024, a new exhibition in the Günter Grass House in Lübeck entitled “GRASS TANZBAR” will be dedicated to the topic of dance. How and when Günter Grass learned to dance, what influence ballet had on his work and what the author wrote about the Love Parade in Berlin – this unusual show, in which the exhibits and the visitors themselves are set in motion, provides information about this. The opening will take place on March 27th with the acting stars Lina Beckmann and Charly Hübner as well as Kult-DJ Dr. Motte and much more.

Image above: Anna und Günter Grass tanzend auf Max Frischs Gerburtstag © Anna Grass

The exhibition shows pictures and sculptures of dancing couples that Günter Grass created, as well as manuscripts of his texts on the subject. The highlight of the show is a revolving stage with a bar. Here, visitors can take a seat, have drinks, talk to each other and be transported through the exhibition from one themed corner to the next. The exhibition, designed by the renowned designer Matthias Kaminsky, can be seen in Lübeck until January 5, 2025. The curators are Katrin Wellnitz, Julia Wittmer and Dr. Jörg-Philipp Thomsa.

DEEDS.NEWS - Günter Grass-Haus - Robert Lebeck - tanzbild
Ute und Günter Grass tanzend, © Robert Lebeck

With various media forms of presentation such as video installations and sound showers in the exhibition, the Günter Grass House illuminates numerous facets of dancing in an entertaining way. Of course, in addition to happy motifs, the focus is also on the political aspects of dancing. A film collage by the Hamburg artist Mikhele Apitzsch will be shown. In it he addresses the political dimension of dancing in different countries. How political dance and music events can become has been painfully observed in recent history, especially through attacks on pleasure.

A diorama designed by illustrator and figure maker Sara-Christin Richter shows the famous grandstand scene from “The Tin Drum,” in which Oskar blows up a National Socialist gathering with his drum, causing the Nazis to lose their rhythm and start dancing. And the very young guests are guided through the fairytale realms of Günter Grass’ dance world in a child-friendly manner with the help of their own exhibition booklet.

DEEDS.NEWS - Günter Grass-Haus - letzter tango
Letzter Tango, 2002 © Günter und Ute Grass Stiftung

The exhibition “GRASS TANZBAR” opens on March 27th at 7:30 p.m. at the Kulturwerft Gollan in Lübeck. Lina Beckmann, Maja Beckmann, Till Beckmann, Jennifer Ebert and Charly Hübner form the artist collective SPIELKINDER. At the vernissage you will read texts by different authors on the subject of dance. The artist Ea Paravicini makes words dance. Following the chapter “1995”, in which Günter Grass wrote about the Love Parade in his book „Mein Jahrhundert“ (1999), none other than Love Parade founder and Kult-DJ Dr. Motte up.

Of course, those interested should also dance a leg themselves! As part of the Hanseatic Culture Festival on June 8, 2024, there will be the opportunity to learn a short choreography together with around 200 people at the Lübeck town hall market under the motto “LÜBECK DANCES WITH EACH OTHER”. In addition, a poetry slam with Sebastian 23, Annalisa Tuczek, Sandra Da Vina, Stef, Arielle Cottingham, Jens Ketelsen and Tilo Strauss as well as a children’s festival on July 14th are planned as part of this exhibition.


From Thursday, 28. March 2024 until Sunday, 5. January 2025

Opening hours:
01.01. – 31.03.
Tuesday – Sunday
11 am – 5 pm

01.04. – 31.12.
Monday – Sunday
10 am – 5 pm

Wednesday, 27. March at 7:30 pm


Günter Grass-Haus
Schildstraße 12
23552 Lübeck

Kulturwerft Gollan
Einsiedelstraße 6
23554 Lübeck


Regular € 8
Reduced € 4

Regular € 18
Reduced € 15

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