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Berlin Fashion Week SS25: MAJÈRE shows “Unzucht” collection for spring/summer 2025 at the historic Stadtbad Oderberger

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At Berlin Fashion Week, MAJÈRE presents its current collection “UNZUCHT “SS25 in collaboration with the queer-feminist production label Vproud.uction in the historic Stadtbad Oderberger.

Image above: Photo: Rianon Vran

The collection is inspired by Bosch’s painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. This work depicts man’s tendency to sin and its consequences in the afterlife. Through the three panels – Garden of Eden, Garden of Earthly Delights and Hell – Bosch illustrates the temptations and transience of worldly pleasures and the resulting punishments in the afterlife. The painting serves as a moral warning against the temptation of sensual pleasures and the inevitable consequences of sin.

Under the creative direction of Alawi Harris, Anaïs Fabricius and Luis Steigleder, MAJÈRE’s latest collection reinterprets the essence of the painting by exploring creation, disillusionment and temptation, challenging religious beliefs and social norms. The use of natural materials from remnants and second-hand finds conveys the symbiosis between man, animal and nature.

MAJÈRE SS25, Photo: Rianon Vran

MAJÈRE is a Berlin-based slow fashion brand that expresses emotions through textures and contrasts in its designs. Under the creative direction of three young designers who met during their studies, the trio takes a critical look at socially relevant issues. They mainly use materials from remnants and blur the boundaries between costume and fashion with their creativity. Their creations tell sensual and visually appealing stories that bring feelings and emotions to life.

MAJERE SS25, Photo: Rianon Vran

About vproud.uction
Vproud.uction is a queer-feminist and black-owned production label with a clear focus on offline and online production, PR and advertising. Under the leadership of founder Aline Vitoria Gellern, the company is dedicated to the sustainable promotion of marginalized groups and their projects in the beauty and fashion industry. Vproud.uction’s vision is to set milestones that sustainably shape diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry while preserving the extravagance and haute couture of the classic fashion world.


Stadtbad Oderberger
Oderberger Str. 57
10435 Berlin

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