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Nothing is impossible. 37 artists present their final works at the StadtWERKSTATT Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg | 18.07.-21.07.2024

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From 18 to 21 July 2024, master and diploma students of painting and sculpture will be exhibiting their works at StadtWERKSTATT Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, in the Dragonerareal/Rathausblock, under the title Nothing is impossible. The Weißensee School of Art in Berlin is hosting a vernissage on 18 July 2024.

Image above: Laura Mercedes Arndt, Night in the Green, 2024, oil on canvas, 200 x 220 cm.

Nothing is impossible – the fading lettering on the central wall of the exhibition hall refers to its former use as a car repair shop. Built as a barracks in the 19th century, the Dragonerareal is a perfect example of the history of the capital: The armaments industry, forced labour, controversial property deals, but also neighbourly commitment to open space and housing are all part of the site’s eventful history. In view of this history, the advertising slogan hijacked by a car manufacturer may seem sarcastic. For the young artists, however, the exhibition title contains a promise.

The 37 graduates are at the beginning of their careers, which may be accompanied by groundbreaking successes, but in any case – despite uncertain times – with hope. With painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, textile work and installation, they express their view of our turbulent present. The exhibition invites visitors to discover young talents. And if a barracks can become an art gallery, perhaps anything really is possible.

Nothing is impossible Central final exhibition of the sculpture and painting departments of the weißensee academy of art berlin at the StadtWERKSTATT Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg on the Dragonerareal/Rathausblock.

With: Ahmad Alhamidi, Laura Anghel, Aram Alsaed, Laura-Mercedes Arndt, Neda Aydin, Müge Bakır, Leonie Behrens, Benjamin Berkow, Noè Borst, Paula Breuer, Emma Brunet, Valentin Cafuk, Seonah Chae, Christina Dedolf, Alanna Dongowski, Enzcian, Mohamad Halbouni, Arin Ismail, Kristian Jørgensen, Marlene Kargl, Vivyan Klemke, Tibor Köhne, Jung-A Lee, Lukas Luzius Leichtle, Yan Li, Zoë Mauritz, Felix Mehlig, Janine Muckermann, Ioana Pirlea, Sebastian Pöge, Katharina Reinsbach, Devi Sofia Sund Rojo, Tina Siradze, Lars Noah Unkenholz, Allistair Walter, Jan Von Raußendorf, Fruzsina Kiss.

Curated by Nikolas Geier, Anna Latzko and Monique Machicao y Priemer Ferrufin.


Opening: Thursday, 18 July 2024, 18:00-22:00
Exhibition period: Friday-Sunday, 19-21 July 2024, 12:00-20:00


Obentrautstraße 19–21,
10963 Berlin

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