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[insert title] | Kleine Humboldt Galerie | 12.07.-25.07.2018

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Kleine Humboldt Galerie shows from 12th to 25th July 2018 the exhibition [insert title].

Image above: Grafik, Maral Müdok

Four international artists, four weeks of artistic practice in the gallery space inside the main building of Humboldt University and one final exhibition presenting the artists’ work. With its upcoming project the Kleine Humboldt Galerie will transform the Lichthof Ost in Berlin Mitte into a temporary studio. After a month of artistic practice, the space will be open to the public, showing not only the artwork itself but also the context in which it has been created. [insert title] asks its visitors to be part of the exhibition in a participatory way.

[insert title] invites the four artists Helena Hladilová, Anouk Kruithof, Britta Lumer and Zorka Wollny inside the main building of Humboldt University to create new works using different techniques and approaches. During the working period, regular open studio sessions and artist workshops give visitors the opportunity to experience the creative process. Afterwards, the outcome of the artistic work will be presented without changing the context of its creation, leaving the traces of the creative practices intact. The project [insert title] is a call for participation that aims to encourage visitors to come up with their own exhibition title, give tours and write catalogue texts.

Kleine Humboldt Galerie brings visitors, the artists and the curatorial team together to shape the exhibition through a dialogue. The team of Kleine Humboldt Galerie, consisting of students from various academic backgrounds, sees itself as a mediator and participant. It aims to make contemporary art and the process of curating accessible to everyone interested and to turn the university into a space where people with different perspectives and backgrounds can interact and learn from one another.

Helena Hladilová (*1983 in Kroměříž, CZ, lives and works in Italy) studied in Brno, Brera and Carrara. Her sculptural works and installations often contain elements that are normally used in daily life. Thereby, she creates an interesting conceptual tension between craftwork and art. Her colorful carpets remind the viewer of design objects, which are both narrative and reflexive. Her works deal with mythological as well as philosophical topics and create environments of high memorability. Besides her carpets made out of wool, Hladilová uses materials like wood and bronze.

Anouk Kruithof (*1981 in Dordrecht, NL, lives and works in Amsterdam) uses different media such as photography, sculpture, video, artist-books, installation, performance, animation and public interventions to transfer her interests in topics such as the human psyche, climate change, mass surveillance and today’s ‘Stressgesellschaft’ into her artistic practice. Kruithof has won several awards for her work, which was shown at many international exhibitions in renowned places such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Britta Lumer (*1965 in Frankfurt, GER, lives and works in Berlin) studied at Städelschule Frankfurt and Statens Kunstakademi in Bergen, Norway. Lumer’s work often depicts portraits, landscapes or buildings and is based on Indian ink on paper. The artistic value of her works lies in the atmosphere they create. Lumer’s works are represented in several public art collections, including Sammlung Deutsche Bank and Kunstmuseum Basel.

Zorka Wollny (*1980 in Krakow, PL, lives and works in Berlin) creates acoustic compositions for institutions, factories and empty buildings. Her works inhabit a space between art, theatre and contemporary music, and are always closely connected to the historic and functional context of specific architectural sites. She exhibited in Berlin, London, New York, Belgrade and Mumbai, among other cities. Her concerts were presented at many international festivals, the latest one opened the CTM Festival in Berlin in January 2018.

As a student initiative, Kleine Humboldt Galerie organizes annual contemporary art exhibitions in the main building of Humboldt University. The initiative was originally founded in 1978, but has existed in its current form since 2009. The aim of Kleine Humboldt Galerie is to rethink curatorial practice and to give artists, visitors and curators an opportunity to interact with each other as equals and discuss their different approaches to the artworks.

Tereza Havlíková, Benedek Hrutka, Julia Kochanek, Polina Kokotov, Tomke Malin Krohne, Veronica Leali, Nuria Röder, Agnesa Schmudke, Elisabeth Stumpf, Alina Topf and Katrin Zellmer.

Free entry to all workshops and events. Due to limited space, make sure to sign up for the
workshops: info@kleinehumboldtgalerie.de

June 23rd 2018, 2 – 4 pm: [Open studio]
June 25th 2018, 4 – 6 pm: [Workshop with artist Zorka Wollny] Please register
30 June 2018, 2 – 4 pm: [Open studio]
July 2rd 2018, 4 – 6 pm: [Workshop with artist Anouk Kruithof] Please register
July 11th 2018, 6:30 – 9:30 pm: [Opening] & 8:30 pm [performance by Zorka Wollny feat.
Christine Schörkhuber and students]
July 12th 2018, 6 – 8 pm: [Workshop with artist Britta Lumer] Please register
July 13th 2018, 6:30 – 8 pm: [Artist talk and guided tour]
July 14th 2018, 4 – 6 pm: [Workshop with artist Helena Hladilová] Please register
July 18th 2018, 6 – 9 pm: [Symposium]
July 21st 2018, 12 – 3 pm: [Catalogue workshop] Please register
July 25th 2018, 6:30 pm: [Closing]


Vernissage: Wednesday, July 11th, 2018, 6:30 pm

Exhibition period: Thursday, July 12th – Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Mon-Sat 12 – 8 pm


Kleine Humboldt Galerie | Humboldt-Universität, Main building- Lichthof Ost
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin-Mitte

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