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Marmor für alle | On art in public space in Berlin

Editors’ Choice

Mitte/Rand Verlag presents the book “Marmor für alle” (“Marble for All”), city guide and reading book on more than 100 works of art after 1945 in Berlin (in German Language). Publisher is Jörg Johnen.

Image above: Walter Womacka, Haus des Lehrers (near Alexanderplatz) – Photo: Mathias Rümmler

Art in public space can be found everywhere in Berlin, sometimes hidden and often prominently placed. After 1945, a boom in public sculptures began in the East as well as in the West. Many things have gone out of fashion or fallen into oblivion, many things are hardly noticed, some things are no longer understood, often there is no background knowledge to understand. The art city guide Marmor wants to raise awareness of the most important and significant public sculptures.

DEEDS NEWS -Marmor-fuer-alle-Stadtfuehrer-molecular-man-4-Foto-Matthias-Rummler
Jonathan Borofsky, Molecule Man – Photo: Mathias Rümmler

Various walks invite to the physical and mental exploration of the capital. The book is intended to be an art abductor, to offer expeditions of discovery and to make a barely used potential of the city accessible – free of charge and outside. After 32 years of internationally successful gallery work, art historian Jörg Johnen returns to his original interest: the connection between architecture, society and art. With a guest contribution by the artist Jeff Wall.

DEEDS NEWS -Marmor-fuer-alle-Stadtfuehrer-Junction-1-Foto-Matthias-Rummler-1024x683
Richard Serra, Berlin Junction – Photo: Mathias Rümmler
DEEDS NEWS -Marmor-fuer-alle-Stadtfuehrer-Schweizer-Botschaft-Foto-Matthias-Rummler-1024x683
Swiss Embassy – Photo: Mathias Rümmler

Jörg Johnen (editor) For over 30 years Jörg Johnen was a gallery owner (Johnen & Schöttle, Johnen Galerie). After moving from Cologne to Berlin in 2004 he enriched the cultural life of the city with his work and exhibitions with Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham, Candida Höfer, Tino Segal, Thomas Ruff and many others. www.johnenprivat.de

Mathias Rümmler (photographer) is a freelance costume and stage designer with engagements at Volkstheater Rostock, Staatstheater Cottbus, Schauspiel Leipzig, Berliner Kammeroper, Theater Osnabrück, Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg and Theater Chemnitz, among others. For the book he spent months roaming the city to photograph the selected works.

Mitte/Rand Verlag Experience architecture, city and design differently: The young publishing house deals with phenomena beyond the mainstream and beyond. For three years, Stephan Burkoff and Jeanette Kunsmann have been publishing books and magazines and developing media concepts. With the demolition of Atlas Berlin (2014), Mitte/Rand has already made a much-noticed contribution to Berlin’s controversially discussed urban development. www.mitte-rand.de

Marmor für alle. On art in public space in Berlin (Language: German)
Ed. by Jörg Johnen
Mitte/Rand Publishing house, Berlin
ISBN: 978-3-9817010-1-2

With texts by Jörg Johnen, Jeanette Kunsmann and Clara Blasius
Photos: Mathias Rümmler
Editorial office: Clara Blasius
Graphic: Huelsenberg Studio

Softcover with dust jacket
Size 147 x 200 mm
280 pages,
approx. 100 coloured illustrations
28,90 Euro

AFrom 6.12.2018 on in the trade and on www.mitte-rand.de

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