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UNSEEN WESTEROS | 24.01.-27.01.2019

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Over three years, 40 artists have created the unseen world of “Westeros”. The exhibition in Berlin exclusively shows places from the world of ice and fire that have never been seen before.

Never before have so many Game of Thrones artists been involved in a production at the same time. Some of the artists in the show have been instrumental in developing the world of Game of Thrones since season 1. Their work has won 6 Emmy awards. Here they show a completely new world and allow the audience to immerse themselves in a world full of fascination, excitement and new stories.

DEEDS NEWS -UnseenWesteros_ShiveringSea_byJimmyPrzemekDuda-min-1024x572
Shivering Sea by Jimmy Przemek Duda

Free Tickets

“Wir möchten, dass alle Menschen die Möglichkeit haben, die Ausstellung “Unseen Westeros” zu erleben. Zusammen mit George R.R. Martin haben wir uns daher entschieden, dass der Eintritt für alle Gäste frei sein soll. Dennoch ist die Anzahl der Tickets limitiert. Eine Abendkasse wird es nicht geben.”

Clara Sauer, co-initiator about the concept of UNSEEN WESTEROS

Click here for tickets: TICKETS

DEEDS NEWS -UnseenWesteros_Harrenhal_bySvenSauer-min-1024x573
Harrenhal by Sven Sauer

Exhibition experience in an unknown place

The exhibition takes place in a location that was previously inaccessible to the public. This is no coincidence: the initiating team has been searching for a long time for a place that will impress visitors and combine with the artists’ works to create an experience.

The 100-year-old transformer station in Berlin Reinickendorf is a building complex with over 6000 m² of exhibition space and a huge catacomb system in which visitors can lose themselves. As you make your way through the industrial monument, you experience a journey across the continents of Westeros, Essos, Ulthos and Sothoryos. Each room is staged in a new way.

With each new location, the sounds in the building also change. Two composers have created a soundtrack especially for the exhibition. To give visitors an even deeper insight into this world, they can have the stories about the pictures read aloud to them on their mobile phones with an audio guide. Each picture is provided with a tracking marker that can be activated with one’s own mobile phone.

We call to the flags

“We need your help to realise the exhibition: The exhibition was initiated by the artists without a large budget. However, we can only realise it if some of you give us a hand. We are looking for helping hands for the set-up and dismantling.”

DEEDS NEWS -UnseenWesteros_Harrenhal2_bySvenSauer-BA-min-1024x573
Harrenhal 2 by Sven Sauer

Yes, I want to help!

“We also need people who are familiar with the GOT universe and can answer visitors’ questions at the exhibition. Of course, you will get all the information you need from us. In return, we would like to give all helpers an original signed and limited small print from the exhibition. It is a 4-5 hour block. You will be provided with drinks. Get to know our artists personally. Hang pictures with them or support them at the exhibition with information.”

DEEDS NEWS -UnseenWesteros_Tyrosh_byClaudioPilia-min-1024x576
Tyrosh by Claudio Pilia
DEEDS NEWS -UnseenWesteros_Valyria_bySvenSauer_MaxRiess-BA-min-1024x573
Valyria by Sven Sauer Max Riess


The exhibition is produced with the permission of and in collaboration with George R. R. Martin and the publisher PENHALIGON.

More info on the authors:

Georg R.R.Martin

Elio M. García Jr. and Linda Antonsson



Thursday January 24th – Sunday January 27th 2019


Umspannwerk Reinickendorf
Breitenbachstraße 32
13509 Berlin

U6 – Holzhauser Straße

U8 – Rathaus Reinickendorf
Take the U8 (direction Wittenau) to the stop Residenzstraße and then bus 125 (direction Frohnau Invalidensiedlung) exit Holzhausen Straße/Schubertstraße to the exhibition. On exiting, keep going in the opposite direction of travel and, starting from this point, take the next street on the left into Breitenbachstraße.

Take the S25 (direction Hennigsdorf Bahnhof) and get off at Eichborndamm. From there, take a short detour to the right and follow Breitenbachstraße for 850 metres to the location.

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