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WATCH: Nadège Mouyssinat | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery

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The sculptor Nadège Mouyssinat was born in 1984 in Toulouse (France). She studied art and art history at the University of Bordeaux and then in Limoges. In 10 years, she developed her skills as a designer for the Limoges porcelain factories in the demanding world of luxury items. The technical mastery and refinement of the material are omnipresent there. Nadège Mouyssinat is represented by the Bermel von Luxburg Gallery.

Fig. above: Screenshot of the YouTube interview

Nadège uses porcelain and an ancient know-how strongly rooted in the Limoges area for her artistic work, which was originally intended for mass production. The artist creates a sensual, organic and mysterious universe. The aesthetics of the forms she develops are the result of research inspired by literature, history and legends.

“In my artistic practice I emphasise virtuoso execution, aiming for the perfect, the mastered. This work is much more than a stylistic exercise, this cold and ossified sensuality of the “well executed” artwork has a firm place in my artistic approach. I like to repeat it with doubt, the “unidentifiable”, the mysterious, in the manner of preying or poisonous flowers that only have their beauty to attract their prey. The “beautiful”, the vibration it gives off, the attraction and distancing it evokes, is a central issue in my work. My ultimate goal is to reach the point where technical mastery and a distinct personality come together”.
Nadège Mouyssinat, Pseudosphères #paysage doré 02, 67 x 40 x 47 cm, porcelain, 2019

Nadège’s work has received several awards, notably the Young Craftsmanship Award in 2018, supported in 2017 by D.R.A.C. Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Group exhibitions

2020 Art Karlsruhe, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin

2019 Design Miami Basel, Galerie Scène Ouvertes, Miami, USA

2019 Colourful reveries and dreamy sculptures, Louis Brummer & Nadège Mouyssinat, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin

2019 Cologne Fine Art, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Cologne

2019 Luxembourg Art Week, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin

2019 Positions Art Fair, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin

2019 Formes vivantes, Musée national Adrien Dubouché, Cité de la céramique Sèvres&Limoges, France

2019 Art Elysées, avec 1831Artgallery, 17-21 Octobre 2019, Paris

2019 Inauguration du Mois des Collectionneurs au Carré Rive Gauche et du 12 ème Parcours de la Céramique et des Arts du Feu, avec 1831Artgallery

2019 Photogenic works avec la galerie Nishikawa à Kyoto, Japon

2019 Révélations, Paris, Grand Palais

2019 Les parenthèses de V. , Biarritz, France

2019 Voyages imaginaires, 1831 Art Gallery, 6 rue de Lille, Paris 75 007

2019  Corps, 1831 Art Gallery, 6 rue de Lille, Paris 75 007

2019  Monumentality – Fragility à Kilkenny, Irlande, National Design & Craft Gallery

2018  Jeunes Marchands, Sotheby’s, Paris

2018  Monumentality Fragility, Mons, Belgique – European Prize of Applied Arts

2018 Céramique 14, Paris, France

2018 Lauréate du Prix de la Jeune Création Métiers d’Art par Ateliers d’Art de France

2018 C.I.C.A Museu de Ceràmica de l’Alcora, Valence, Espagne

2017 Art. West Lake Hangzhou, Chine

2017 Céramique 14, Paris, France, prix du public

2017 Biennale de Carouge, Suisse

2017 Le temps d’un été, Limoges, France

2017 Lauréate de la bourse A.I.A. de la D.R.A.C. Nouvelle Aquitaine

2017 Résidence et exposition La céramique, langage universel, Longhaï, Chine

2017 Acquisition par le musée de Hong Shude de la série « Le secret de Mr  Hong », Chine

2016 Et + si affinités galerie des Hospices Limoges, France, projet « Vanités »

2016 Four des Casseaux Limoges, France, projet « Fruits défendus »

2016 IDS Toronto, Canada, projet « Unités de mesures »

2015 Et + si affinités galerie Mesta Plzne Pilsen, République Tchèque, projet « Vanités »

2014 Noces de perles au Poudrier Limoges, France

2013 Lumineuse expérience au musée national Adrien Dubouché Limoges France



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