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DISAPPEARING BERLIN | Si Di Kubi 2.0 | Clärchens Ballhaus – Spiegelsaal | 31.01.2020

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Clärchen’s Ballhaus has been closed since the beginning of January. Now the doors will open once again to the public on 31.01.2020 from 20 o’clock, before the legendary dance hall gets turned into a private event location in the months to come. Within the framework of DISAPPEARING BERLIN, an alternative vision will be created in the Ballhaus’ mirror hall, in which Clärchen’s Ballhaus will be preserved as a place for dance, art and music for everyone.

For over a year, DISAPPEARING BERLIN has been staging unique Berlin architecture and unique urban spaces that are about to be demolished, privatised or converted, after having shaped the cityscape and cultural life for decades. With performances, dance and concerts DISAPPEARING BERLIN explores the city and the potential of its endangered, forgotten and newly emerging spaces. In a playful approach to art, new perspectives on a change, that cannot be stopped, but shaped, are developed.

In its famous mirror hall (Spiegelsaal), Mohamed Bourouissa, together with a group of artists, unfolds a narrative between Beirut and Berlin, two cities that are as different as they are connected. In live music, films and photographs, fragments of these two cities overlap to form a poem about disappearance and displacement, change and freedom – and about the potential of art and shared artistic vision as driving forces in the development of these cities. Between the artists, a multifaceted collage of their artistic practice, their languages and identities emerges, reflecting in the story of Clärchens Ballhaus.

With screenings by Mohamed Bourouissa and 2038; live music by Tony Elieh, Youmna Saba and Sina XX; music by Dorine Potel and a DJ/VJ set by Paulina Greta, Sina XX and Mohamed Bourouissa

Si Di Kubi 2.0 
with Mohamed Bourouissa, Tony Elieh, Paulina Greta, Dorine Potel, Youmna Saba, Sina XX and 2038


Friday, January 31st 2020, 8 pm until midnight, free entry


Clärchens Ballhaus / Spiegelsaal, Auguststraße 24, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

This information was brought to us by the Schinkel Pavilion.

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