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Haus der Kulturen der Welt | Annual programme 2020 with all dates

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In 2020, the HKW will intensify its examination of the pressing questions of the present and their historical conditions in a multitude of programmes with very diverse and specific thematic settings: The HKW presents the sensational reconstruction of the picture atlas Mnemosyne by Aby Warburg (together with the Gemäldegalerie) and proclaims the Bildungsherbst, it asks about the singing behaviour of nightingales in the zoo and explores digital archives in order to explore past, present and to bring the future into dialogue.

Image above: The equipped Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in 2015 – Photo: Stephanie Schneider, ART@Berlin

The long-term projects that have been shaping the image of the HKW as a house of contemporary research since 2013 will be linked together in 2020 and continuously developed – from the Anthropocene to The New Alphabet.

After the one-year field research project Mississippi. Anthropocene River, which was completed in November 2019 with a campus in New Orleans, this year’s Anthropocene Curriculum will focus on the practical aspects of the complex interplay between humans, nature and technology.  Under the title The Shape of a Practice, the campus format, which will take place in the fall of 2020, will open up an experimental learning space in which, among other things, it will be examined how (digital) infrastructures and tools can serve as practices of shared and shared knowledge production.

In 2020, the HKW is showing the comprehensive reconstruction of the Mnemosyne picture atlas of Aby Warburg. This exhibition project is the first time that the comprehensive collection of plates with Warburg’s original pictorial material is shown. These navigate the history of images and art from the Renaissance to contemporary culture and span an arc from questions of archiving and themes of mapping to a new approach to canonized images and practices of sampling. Aby Warburg, an art and cultural historian fascinated by the technical innovations of his time, created with his picture atlas almost a century ago not only a fundamental contribution to today’s image and media studies, but also early patterns and visual techniques for the digitally influenced present.

The HKW will be setting a further thematic accent this autumn with the exhibition Bildungsschock. Learning, Politics and Architecture in the 1960s and 1970s, the participatory project Education in Concrete, and the third edition of the successful Schools of Tomorrow format in cooperation with ten Berlin schools. With the Bildungsherbst, the HKW is exploring the diversity of historical and current constellations of learning spaces and knowledge architectures and also aims to stimulate speculative thinking about tomorrow’s learning. The Sputnik Shock of 1957 was followed by an educational explosion and a brief epoch of experiments. Today, the focus is not only on the insight into the limitations of the Western world view and the global interdependencies of this educational offensive, but also on the questions of future forms of education, learning environments and knowledge mediation are once again being asked in a very fundamental way in view of the current transformations.

Based on the realization that the experiences of loss and new beginnings, departure and arrival, and life in transition are fundamental to German post-war history, the Archive of Flight project creates a space for oral histories that have been largely unheard of until now. In what forms can contemporary society deal with the complex and diverse narratives of migration experiences that shape it? What possibilities for a lively and detailed archive arise from the personal experiences of people who have fled and migrated? The Archive of Flight is both a digital place of memory and a questioning of the self-image of German society.

The festival Wassermusik has been a fixed point of the Berlin open-air season for over ten years. In 2020 the Mississippi sets the pace: The river, which crosses the USA from north to south and on whose banks people settled thousands of years ago, a traffic artery for plantation farming and slavery, a prime example of an anthropocene landscape, is also the cradle of American music: jazz and funk originated in New Orleans, the blues in its delta, rock’n’roll in Memphis. The festival presents the entire spectrum of Mississippi music: jazz, funk, blues, Cajun, Zydeco, R&B, folk, bluegrass and old and new hybrids – such as bounce or trailer trap.

After the impulses that the HKW has given in the past decade – for example with the Anthropocene Project – the house would like to continue to critically accompany the global-local connections and challenges of the present in the coming decade. Since the aim must be to see the world in a new light, artistic-aesthetic procedures play a prominent role. In addition to the sensual distinctiveness of the new phenomena, it is also a matter of their ethical classification, which must be practiced in social and political practices. In this sense, the HKW sees itself as a rehearsal stage for the 21st century.

Annual programme 2020 (chronologically)

16.-17.1.2020 New Alphabet School #3 Coding, Neu-Delhi

28.1. Opening transmediale Festival, HKW

28.1.-01.03. Exhibition The Eternal Network, HKW

29.1. Student Forum, HKW

30.1. Film & Video Tag, HKW

31.1.-1.2: Symposium, Volksbühne Berlin Transmediale – end to end

5.3.2020 On Music – Life after Music Magazines – The Norient Way

6.3.2020 Refiguration von Räumen (Partnerprojekt)

19.3.2020 Alphabet Readings 4: Carrier Bag Fiction

28.3.2020 Brasilianische Musik-Legenden – Gal Costa

2.4.2020 On Music – Politics of the Dancefloor

2.4.2020 Ausstellungseröffnung

3.4.-22.6.2020 Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne – the Original

6.4.2020 Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #17 (Partnerprojekt)

7.4.2020 New Alphabet School #4 Transmitting, Gaza (Stadt) und HKW

15.-17.4.2020 im Rahmen von Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne – das Original On the Road Map of Pictorial History – guided tour of all panels of the Bilderatlas

16.4.2020 Heba Y. Amin: The General’s Stork (AT)

24.4.2020 Europa dezentrieren. Globale Verflechtungen neu denken (AT) (Partnerprojekt)

7.5.2020 On Music – Nightingala

8.-9.5.2020 Diversity Affects I Travelling Institutions (Partnerprojekt)

7.-18.5.2020 Rimini Protokoll – win >< win

9.5.2020 Celebrate Now – 20 Years of Rimini Protokoll

11.5.2020 Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #18 (Partner project)

15.-16.5.2020 Conferenz Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne – das Original

19.5.2020 Internationaler Literaturpreis: Bekanntgabe der Shortlist, Buchhandlung Ocelot 23.5. Ausstellungseröffnung

24.5.-10.8.2020 An Archeology of Sound mit Umashankar Manthravadi

4.6.2020 On Music #

4 5.-7.6.2020 Miss Read: Berlin Art Book Festival 2020 (Partnerprojekt)

10.6.2020 Brasilianische Musik-Legenden – Paulinho da Viola

11.-12.6.2020 New Alphabet School #5 Caring, Hohenlockstedt und HKW

15.6.2020 Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #19 (Partnerprojekt)

19.–21.6.2020 White West IV: Whither Whiteness?, mit La Colonie

26.-28.6.2020 Das bleibt! 2020

1.7.2020 Internationaler Literaturpreis: Preisverleihung

6.7.2020 Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #20 (Partnerprojekt)

17.7.-8.8.2020 Wassermusik: Mississippi

18.-19.7.2020 New Alphabet School #6 Survivance, Bubaque, Guinea-Bissau

23. & 30.7.2020 Literatur zu Wassermusik

25.-30.8.2020 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin

27.8. Ausstellungseröffnung

28.8.-20.9.2020 Nicholas Bussmann: Kosmoskop

3.9.2020 On Music #5 12.9. Ausstellungseröffnung

13.9.2020-4.1.2021 Bildungsschock. Lernen, Politik und Architektur in den 1960er und 1970er Jahren

13.9.2020-4.1.2021 Bildung in Beton

17.-19.9.2020 New Alphabet School #7 Instituting, Athen

24.-25.9.2020 Schools of Tomorrow 3 1.10.2020 On Music #6

9.10.2020 Brasilianische Musik-Legenden – Martinho da Vila

12.10.2020 Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #21 (Partnerprojekt) The Whole Life Academy, Silent Green und HKW

26.10.-1.11.2020 The Shape of a Practice

12.-15.11.2020 The Disappearance of Music

16.11.2020 Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #22 (Partnerprojekt)

Ende 2020 / Anfang 2021 Archive of Refuge

3.-5.12.2020 New Alphabet School #8 Community Building, Havanna

11.-12.12.2020 Invitations: Archiv als Ereignis – The Whole Life Academy

Haus der Kulturen der Welt is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as well as by the Federal Foreign Office. The New Alphabet (2019-2021) is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media due to a ruling of the German Bundestag. Anthropocene Curriculum is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media due to a ruling of the German Bundestag and by the Federal Foreign Office. HKW is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as well as by the Federal Foreign Office. Archive of Refuge is a project by Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The online archive and the production of the filmed interviews is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Haus der Kulturen der Welt is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as well as by the Federal Foreign Office.


Haus der Kulturen der Welt, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin-Tiergarten


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