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POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2020: Participating Galleries

Editors’ Choice

Today it was officially announced which galleries will participate in this year’s POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair and paper positions.berlin from 10 to 13 September 2020 at Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. More than 130 exhibitors await the guests, who will present more than 400 artistic positions, mainly contemporary and modern art, at the two art fairs as well as at the special guest photo basel and the second edition of FASHION POSITIONS.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019_02 copyright_Clara Wenzel-Theiler
POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019 © Clara Wenzel-Theiler

Numerous newcomers

The many applications from galleries are reflected in the high artistic quality and the top-class new acquisitions. Galerie Thomas Schulte will present current drawings by Spanish artist Juan Uslé as well as new works by Berlin-based artist Iris Schomaker at paper positions..

ART at Berlin - Courtesy POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019_01 copyright_Clara Wenzel-Theiler
POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019 © Clara Wenzel-Theiler

Iris Schomaker has used paper as the primary medium for her figurative paintings and landscapes over the last 20 years, whether for small or large-format paintings. With a precisely elaborated composition and a calculated process of formal reduction within their original figurative character, Schomaker’s works go beyond the mere depiction of a particular reality or scene and explore the potential of painting to convey a pure idea, a conception or an experience.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019_02 -c-Clara Wenzel-Theiler
POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019 © Clara Wenzel-Theiler

At the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, Galerie Kleindienst shows, among others, works by the young artist Sebastian Speckmann, which draw the viewer into a dark, contradictory world. A cosmos is created in which concepts such as space and time remain in the unknown, personal spaces of experience and remain, personal spaces of experience and memories are pushed into each other and connected with the – apparently – familiar external reality.

The Galerie Georg Nothelfer presents, among others, Richard Serra, one of the most important contemporary US-American sculptors. In a reduced, abstract formal language, Richard Serra addresses the references between object and space, volume and weight.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019_08 copyright_Clara Wenzel-Theiler
POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019 © Clara Wenzel-Theiler

Participating Galleries POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2020

Galerie Albrecht, Berlin
ARTCO, Aachen/Berlin/Kapstadt (Südafrika)
(AV17) Gallery, Vilnius (Litauen)
Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin
Baroti Gallery, Klaipeda (Litauen)
Galerie Biesenbach, Köln
Rutger Brandt Gallery, Amsterdam (Niederlande)
BRENNECKE Fine Art, Berlin
Galerie Brusberg, Berlin
Galerie Commeter | Persiehl & Heine, Hamburg
DavisKlemmGallery, Wiesbaden
Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin
drj art projects, Berlin
Galerie Eigenheim, Weimar/Berlin
Galerie Friedmann-Hahn, Berlin
Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart
Gräfe art.concept, Berlin
Kunsthandel Ralph R. Haugwitz, Berlin
Hilgemann Art, Berlin
Galerie Helga Hofman, Alphen aan den Rijn (Niederlande)
Galerie Holthoff, Hamburg
Galerie Hübner + Hübner, Frankfurt am Main
Immaginaria | arti visive gallery, Florenz (Italien)
Galerie intershop, Leipzig
Jarmuschek+Partner, Berlin
Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin
Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig
Lachenmann Art, Konstanz/Frankfurt am Main
galerie ulf larsson, Köln
Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag (Niederlande)
Galerie Reinhold Maas, Reutlingen
Maksla XO, Riga (Lettland)
Meno Nisa Gallery, Vilnius (Litauen)
Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas (Litauen)
Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin
mianki.Gallery, Berlin
Migrant Bird Space, Berlin/Peking (China)
Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Berlin
oqbo – raum für wort bild und ton, Berlin
PYTHONGALLERY, Erlenbach/Zürich (Schweiz)
Galerie Schindler, Potsdam
Schmalfuss Berlin – contemporary fine arts, Berlin
Galerie Sievi, Berlin
Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerpen (Belgien)
Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main
Galerie subjectobject, Berlin
Galerie Supper, Baden-Baden
Galerie Tammen, Berlin
Vijion Art Gallery, Ortisei (Italien)
VisuleX – Gallery for Photography, Hamburg
White Square Gallery, Berlin
X-Pinky, Berlin

ART at Berlin - POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair - Stephen Wilks - courtesy Hilgemann Art and artist
Stephen Wilks, Diamond Donkey, 2020, Textile, Cotton, Wool, Horsehair, Zipper,
ca. 250 x 150 x 50 cm, courtesy of Hilgemann Art & the artist

Participating Galleries paper positions.berlin 2020

Almacén. Tel Aviv (Israel)
Anahita Contemporary. Berlin
Artco. Aachen/Berlin/Kapstadt (Südafrika)
Galerie Renate Bender. München
Galerie Biesenbach. Köln
Bildhalle. Zürich (Schweiz)
Guillermina Caicoya art projects. Oviedo (Spanien)
Galerie Commeter | Persiehl & Heine. Hamburg
davisklemmgallery. Wiesbaden
Galerie Horst Dietrich. Berlin
Evelyn Drewes Galerie. Hamburg
Galerie Eigenheim. Berlin/Weimar
einBuch.haus. Berlin
Galerie Michael Haas. Berlin
Patrick Heide Contemporary Art. London (UK)
Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop. Hamburg
Kunsthandel Hoffschild. Lübeck
Jarmuschek + Partner. Berlin
Galerie J.J. Heckenhauer. München
Galerie Inga Kondeyne – Raum für Zeichnung. Berlin
Galerie Martin Kudlek. Köln
Kunkel Fine Art. München Māksla XO. Riga (Lettland)
Galerie Maurer. Frankfurt am Main
Meno Nisa Gallery. Vilnius (Litauen)
Galerie Martin Mertens. Berlin
mianki.Gallery. Berlin
Micheko Galerie. München
Alexander Ochs Private. Berlin
Paper Residency!. Berlin
Galerie Poll. Berlin
Galerie Nanna Preußners. Hamburg
Projekteria [Art Gallery]. Barcelona (Spanien)
Thole Rotermund Kunsthandel. Hamburg
Sandau & Leo Galerie. Berlin
Schmalfuss Berlin. Berlin
Galerie Thomas Schulte. Berlin
Schwarz Contemporary. Berlin
Galerie Heike Strelow. Frankfurt am Main
Galerie Sturm & Schober. Wien (Österreich)
Galeria Szydlowski. Warschau (Polen)
the Curve. Berlin
Malte Uekermann Kunsthandel. Berlin
GALERIE VON&VON. Nürnberg X Vitamin. Belgrad (Serbien)

ART at Berlin - Courtesy POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019_05 copyright_Clara Wenzel-Theiler
POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2019 © Clara Wenzel-Theiler

The exhibitions in the booths are supplemented by a supporting programme with award ceremonies, digital mediation formats, special exhibitions and other events. In addition to the annual special exhibition Academy POSITIONS by Berlin Hyp, which offers young up-and-coming students and graduates* of German art schools the opportunity to show their work for the first time at an international art fair as part of the Berlin Art Week to a broad art-interested public, there will also be the Selected POSITIONS section again. Here new collectors in particular will be offered an introduction to the art market. In this curated exhibition, works of art will be presented that measure a maximum of 50 x 50 cm and cost less than 1,900 euros. On the airfield in front of Hangar 4 of Tempelhof Airport, the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair also presents selected large-format sculptures and installations in the form of the Open Air POSITIONS. The visitors can also look forward to talks and performances.

ART at Berlin - POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair - Mona Ardeleanu - courtesy Galerie Thomas Fuchs and artist
Mona Ardeleanu, Pliss 2020 _ VI, 2020, Öl auf Leinwand,
70 x 50 cm, courtesy of Galerie Thomas Fuchs & the artist

Overview of all dates

Thursday 10 September 2020
Press Preview: 1 pm exclusively for members of the press.
Professional Preview and Opening: 2 – 10 pm (only for VIP card holders)

Public visitor days

Friday, September 11, 2020
Artima VIP Hours (only for VIP card holders): 12 – 14 hrs
Regular opening hours in two slots: 2 – 5 pm and 5 – 8 pm

Saturday, September 12, 2020
Artima VIP Hours (only for VIP card holders): 12 – 14 hrs
Regular opening hours in two slots: 2 – 5 pm and 5 – 8 pm

Sunday, 13 September 2020
Artima VIP Hours (only for VIP card holders): 11 – 13 hrs
Regular opening hours: 13 – 18 hrs



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